Monster Pictures Visits Dracula’s

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On a wet and windy night, a team of intrepid, brave souls from Monster Pictures ventured into the depths of Melbourne’s most feared and revered Cabaret Restaurant – Dracula’s, to witness the spectacle that is “Retro Vampt”.

All patrons are met outside by a number of lively & enthusiastic Drac’s staff & then ushered into the belly of the beast itself. What struck us immediately was how well done the production design and layout of Drac’s is. The attention to detail is superb and everywhere you look there are curios and horror mementos, make sure you take you time to […]

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Monster Fest 2014 AWARDS WINNERS

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WINNERS ROUND UP FOR 2014! Monster Pictures wishes all the entrants and winners a huge congratulations and thanks for being part of Monster Fest 2014. Want to win one of the mean green trophies? Get started on your films for next year!


Howling Wolves Presents: Crystal Monster for Best Film 2014

WINNER: Starry Eyes


Monster Pictures Presents:  Crystal Monster for Best Film 2013

WINNER: Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla


Roar Digital Presents: Best Australian Feature Film

WINNER: Under a Kaleidoscope


Space Hotel Presents: Best Feature Film Director

WINNER: Leigh Janiak in Honeymoon


Yes Asia Presents: […]

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