Armageddon 2013 RECAP!

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The Armageddon Expo is over for another year, at least in Melbourne, and it was a blast!

As a veteran of this convention, I have been every year since 2008 and each year they continue to surprise me and keep things fresh. This year the event moved to the Melbourne Showgrounds and the change of venue kept things interesting. On Saturday there was a lot of people around, and it felt very busy.

Monster Pictures were in attendance. In fact, Monster Fest presented the amazing match of KrackerJak vs. Darth Vader! KrackerJak, being a regular contributor to the Monster Pictures’ website and Australia’s most beloved professional wrestler.

Yes, this was the must see event of the entire convention (next to seeing Corey Feldman and his angel, Courtney, of course), and it lived up to the hype.

Check out KrackerJak’s promo for the match – Absolute Excitement!

Did that wet your appetite for the match itself? Well of course it did, and you can in fact see the match right here.

I had a front row seat … well standing position, and I got to smell the action. This was by far one of the most fun and entertaining matches I have seen at Armageddon, and hey, the gimmicks worked baby. It was made even more memorable as I was standing next to New Zealand’s own masked wrestler Liger, who will perform at their Armageddon!

And if that wasn’t enough for you, KrackerJak also sat down with the legendary actor Ian McNeice, who plays Winston Churchill on Doctor Who.

Remember folks, Monster Fest starts November 21st and you can get the details and tickets right here



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