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Well Monsterites, it’s happened again – WE’VE BEEN BANNED!

This time it’s happened not in Australia but in New Zealand.

Why? Well that’s a good question – it seems that the NZ Office of Film and Literature Classification have taken particular offense at the use of the serial killer Frank’s( Elijah Wood) POV in the film.

According to the OFLC, the use of POV puts the viewer in the position of the killer hence making the film a potential danger to those who happen to stumble upon it.


MANIAC is a remake of William Lustig’s 1980 grindhouse classic.

If you’re interested, here’s the press release sent out by the NZIFF today: NZIFF Maniac_Media Release 24 July[1]

The weirdest thing about this banning is that they have only set the ban to apply to exhibition outside of bona-fide film festivals – basically festival crowds are sophisticated enough to handle this kind of material but the poor old Joe Averages of the world would be in danger of setting off on a path of hideous scalping should they lay their ignorant peepers on it!


What you are seeing here is from Frank’s POV – Be honest with yourself, do you feel dangerous in any way?

Jesus! if there was ever more blatant slur on the intelligence of the Kiwi people I would like to know what it was.

So basically Kiwi fiends, if you want to see this film you have only one opportunity – SEE IT AT THE NZIFF! There are 4 screenings scheduled – 2 in Wellington and 2 in Auckland. You’ll find the full details here:



We will explore every option to have the banning revoked but at this stage it aint’ looking good so if you really want to see one of the finest horror films in recent history, you’ll need to get along to the NZIFF.

Should there be any new developments we will post them on this site and Facebook etc.

We are set to release MANIAC in Australia this October so again keep your eye on this site and on Facebook for updates.


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  1. Boby says:

    Onlything this is going to do is make people go to piracy to get the Movie.
    Nice one New zealand, loosing profits for companies again.

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