Win big with The Melbourne Horror Film Society and Monster Fest!

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Monster Fest and The Melbourne Horror Film Society Present…

‘The Horror Scene I want screened at my Funeral’

To celebrate the coming of Melbourne’s premiere horror film festival, Monster Fest and The Melbourne Horror society are
running a competition where we are asking you to perform and shoot your favorite scene from a horror film –
‘The horror scene that you’d want screened at your funeral’!

We’re not looking for masterpieces either, just shoot something on your smart phone and send it in – of course you’re welcome to shoot it on 70mm widescreen if you like but the main this is JUST SHOOT SOMETHING!!

And the Prizes! Oh the Prizes… We’re talking over $1500 worth of Prizes!

The conditions of entry are…

The clip must be shot on a smart phone with title at the start and a credit roll naming the person
submitting the entry at the end.

Films must be no more than 1 minute in length.

Entries must be sent by email to OR no
later than midnight the 28th of October.

Participants are only eligible if they ‘like’ the Melbourne Horror Society Facebook page

Entries will be posted on the Monster Pictures Australia facebook page as soon as possible after they are received and
at midnight the 28th of October the post with the most likes will be deemed the winner.


2 x Monster Fest Premium Tickets
A double pass to all other sessions at Monster Fest
A Monster Fest t-shirt
A ticket to the Monster Fest Mystery screening
A Monster Fest 1 sheet, framed and signed by all Monster Fest guests
Life-long membership to the Melbourne Horror Film society

Monster Fest t-shirts, DVD’s, and individual session tickets for runners up!

Anyone can enter but all Monster Fest screenings are 18+, so if you win and you’re under 18 you’ll have to give your
ticket to someone 18 or over.


Shoot it on your phone – shoot it on anything – just shoot it!


About the author: Monster Pictures

Monster Pictures is a Melbourne-based distribution / production company dedicated to delivering the most energetic, unique, creative, innovative, provocative, bizarre, frightening, challenging, surreal, offbeat, absurd, twisted, demented, raunchy, cinema in the world today.


  1. Dick Dale says:

    Dick Dale
    29 August
    Dick Dale

    Yep 31st till the Sundee it is. Cant believe Ive missed Gorelesque before.

    Dick Dale
    22 hours ago
    Dick Dale

    Hi Monster Pictures, Just a couple of questions. Havent filmed on an I phone for a film before. y. Does it have to be in camera phone edited (assuming youi can?) or can I put it on a computer so I can edit it there? Just want to put music and sound FX on it when I do it. Just before I do my shotlist. DD

    1. Monster Pictures says:

      Hi Dick you can do whatever you want in post as long as you shoot on an iPhone. Cheers

  2. Dick Dale says:

    Ok, hes my submission for THE SCENE I WANT PLAYED AT MY FUNERAL. Dedicated to Cannibal Holocaust, Zombieland, Return of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Hershall Gordon Lewis and any Russ Meyer movie you want! Being hungover when I read the rules I screwed up and thought you wanted a ‘scene I wanted played at my funeral’ inspired by movies. Knowing my freinds, they probably will. Anyway, here it is. If it gets disqualified. So be it. Please give it a screening on your page though. I put a bit O’ work into it. Should get a few hits.
    The film:

    Stay Sick,

    Stay Sick!!
    Stay Sick,
    Dick Dale


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