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Monster looks at Muff 14

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Richard Wolstencroft has put together an exceptional program this year’s Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF). His personal picks include: The Canyons, Thanatamorphose, The Late Men, Burn and The Joe Manifesto. Check out the descriptions below and cast your vote!

The Canyons was a late addition to the program this year, but will undoubtedly prove to be a big draw. Directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Cat People) with a screenplay by Bret Easton Ellis (Less Than Zero, American Psycho), The Canyons is another hedonist trip through Los Angeles, punctuated by commentary on its deteriorating society. The film stars Lindsay Lohan and James Deen (porn star, not Rebel)!

Worth noting is The Canyons trip from page to screen. The film was funded through Kickstarter, exceeding its goal of US$100,000 The film was also cast a little differently; utilising audition website, LetItCast.

“The Canyons is quite a coup for us this year,” said Wolstencroft of the film.

Monster Pictures is sponsoring the festival. We also have two films in competition.

Directed by Eric Falardeau, Thanatamorphose tells the uncompromising tale of a woman confronted by her quickly deteriorating body – this one looks gooey folks!

Spanish director Antonio Trashorras brings us, The Blind Alley. A stalk ‘n’ slash thriller, set in a laundrette. The victim of this particular tale will undoubtedly learn her clothes were quite clean enough!

The Late Men is the debut feature from acclaimed Irish, short-film maker, Van Poynton. This is an apocalyptic, crime thriller starring Don Baker (In the Name of the Father). Wolstencroft cites Ireland as a major player in today’s independent cinema scene. The Late Men follows such acclaimed works as Tin Can Man (2007) and Charlie Casanova (2011).

From executive producer Denis Leary, Burn documents a year in the life of Detroit fire-fighters struggling to keep order in a city which has lost its way. Overworked and underfunded – and with the highest arson rate in the country – these brave men and women fight tooth and nail to keep their city safe.

Directed by and starring Melbournian stalwart Gregory Pakis, The Joe Manifesto tells the tale of a bored office drone who decides to turn his life upside down. Chaos ensues after he separates from his fiancé and takes a demotion at work. His only option is to try and piece together some semblance of his former life, but where to start?!

The Last Days of Joe Blow is Wolstencroft’s own festival entry! Michael Tierney (nephew of Lawrence) is the subject of this candid documentary, which tells of his life and subsequent retirement as an adult porn star.

“Michael regarded himself as a gagged Lion, being fed prime cuts of meat. As well as developing various intimacy issues, Michael forgot how to go out and hunt again!”


Lest we forget, Mini-MFF curator, Hussein Khoder has over 50 shorts for your viewing pleasure – presented in six delectable chunks, across the nine-day festival.


There are many more films to choose from at this years MUFF. Hopefully we’ve given you a taste of what to expect from Wolstencroft and Co. If I were you I’d get there early to avoid disappointment!


MUFF runs from 6th – 14th September at Revolt (12 Elizabeth St, Kensington, Vic, 3031. Tel: (03) 9376 2115).

Tickets will be sold on the door and are priced at $15 ($20 for opening and closing night performances).

For more information, including directions on how to get to the festival, check out the MUFF and Revolt websites.


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