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The Freaky Stuff: The Early Works of David Cronenberg

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“Did you ever see that scene in Scanners where that dude’s head blew up?”


This month sees the release of David Cronenberg’s seminal Scanners on BluRay through Criterion. To celebrate, we’re looking at seven films from the director’s early career –- films that, when viewed back to back, showcase the development of one of cinema’s great visionaries

Canadian-born Cronenberg’s work is often inspired by the inner workings of the human body: its pleasure receptors, its tendency to mutate, and its ongoing war with infection. Cronenberg has been making movies since the 1960s. His films, while challenging, contain a strange, […]

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The horror genre has seen its fair share of remakes. They are no less a stretch for Hollywood than a fifth or sixth sequel – don’t they all just rehash the original?!

Go into your local video shop (what are they?) and you’re more likely to be met with remakes than originals. Even sequels and prequels to remakes are more readily available than originals! Despite an overabundance of turgid retellings, there are gems to be found; remakes which offer the audience something different. Even the odd remake which betters the original!

Just like covers to songs, a good […]

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