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As you all would know; Art is subjective. One man’s cup of tea may be another man’s cup of pee and Patrick Still Lives is no exception. You are either going to love it and think it’s one of the most ultimate exploitation films ever made, or you are going to hate its fucking guts, thinking it’s one of the most vile, misogynistic, piles of trash you have ever had the displeasure of laying your anger filled eyes on.

Me,  I think it’s the freakin’ tits. Twice the film the original Patrick is (I think it suffered severely with pacing […]

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the movie Oldboy

So presumably by now, everyone has seen the trailer for the remake of Oldboy, the latest Spike Lee joint? If you have, you’ll be certain of two things – 1) 56 year old Lee still calling his films ‘joints’ is like the whole My Little Pony cult of Bronies. It’s embarrassing and needs to be stopped for the very good of mankind. 2) The fabric of the internet is being put under colossal strain by so many fans of the original Oldboy crying out that Hollywood has become a utopia […]

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