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Movie fans and the industry alike are looking ahead to 2015, for what looks to be a truly astonishing year for the multiplexes. The calendar year is bursting at the seams with releases, all of which have huge mass-market appeal. With the attention on the next Star Wars instalment, Jurassic World and the Avengers sequel, next year’s prospects have seemingly been sidelined.

I do believe 2014 is going to surprise us all however. With the awards season kicking into high gear, the year begins strongly with several weeks of quality drama and life-affirming fare. Comic book movies look set to have their most creative year yet – and several large-scale original tales will undoubtedly catch the imagination of the movie-going public.

Horror particularly, looks set to have a very successful year, both creatively and commercially. What follows is a list of just ten features heading our way. Many more will undoubtedly rise from the depths of production – with Monster Pictures on hand to infect the world with each ghastly machination!




American Mary will top many a horror list this year, so what better film to start with than the Soska Sisters follow-up, See No Evil 2!

Jacob Goodnight (Glenn Jacobs) returns from the grave to wreak havoc in the city morgue. A group of medical students are Goodnight’s prey this time around, fighting for survival on the night of Goodnight’s bloody rebirth.

It will be interesting to see how the Soska Sisters handle this sequel. Their success with American Mary will have assured them a degree of influence within the industry. Their deftness of touch will undoubtedly prove a winning attribute.




Jaume Balaguero returns to direct this entry, after Paco Plaza’s second sequel, Rec 3: Genesis.  The pair worked together on the first two instalments of the series and have since gone their separate ways.

Not much is known about the plot at this time, save for the return of lead actress Manuela Velasco and the relocation of the action, from apartment block to oil tanker. Balaguero found critical success with (last years) Sleep Tight. Rec 4 will undoubtedly reaffirm his standing as a horror director of considerable note – next stop Hollywood!

Click HERE for 5 minutes of behind the scenes footage – in Spanish admittedly.




After writing and producing the Maniac remake this year, Alexandre Aja is back in the director’s chair with Horns, an adaptation of the novel by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King).

Daniel Radcliffe comes of age in this enticing thriller, set against the backdrop of Gideon, New Hampshire – who knew?! Radcliffe plays Ig, the chief suspect in a rape and murder case. Setting itself apart from other similarly themed fare, the accused grows horns shortly after the aforementioned tragedy – leading to more conjecture and hearsay than normal. In a further twist, Ig discovers his new-found appendages lead anyone who speaks with him to gush about the truth and their innermost desires.

Click HERE to see a clip from the movie.




Megafoot recently set the internet ablaze with its wickedly conceived plot and accompanying poster. I have an altogether different Bigfoot thriller on my radar, however. Director Bobcat Goldthwait is bringing us Willow Creek in the new year!

After his trilogy of confronting comedy dramas, Goldthwait turns his attention to the horror genre in this found footage account. A young, love-struck couple head to the National Forests of North West America for a celebratory weekend. The area is known to every enthusiast the world over as the location to many a Bigfoot sighting. With camera in hand, the couple sets out to dispel the myth, or perhaps even catch a glimpse of our furry friend. Isolated in the woods and unsure of their location, the couple soon realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew!




Continuing with the found footage genre, The Jungle will get a global release in 2014, through various forms of media. Regardless of how you view it, be sure to gather a group of your closest friends for a tension-fuelled, belter of a movie!

Following the efforts of a conservationist attempting to save the Leopard population of Java, The Jungle uses found footage tropes to excellent effect. Utilising great locations, natural sound and no name actors (a must for this particular sub-genre), The Jungle is sure to find success with its original conceit and determination to scare you silly!




For those of you who enjoyed Kevin Smiths Red State, brace yourself for Tusk! Threatening to retire from directing altogether, Smith wisely chose to indulge his passion for directing with this macabre tale, originating from one of his own podcast discussions. Red State saw Smith hit his stride, as far as I’m concerned. His DIY approach perfectly suited the gritty realism of his tale, leading to a unique perspective on the genre – exploitation movies with a razor-sharp social/political conscience.

No doubt this is set to continue with Tusk – a cross between The Island of Dr Moreau and The Human Centipede. Reuniting with Michael Parks (Red State), Tusk also features Justin Long (Zack and Miri) and (that) Haley Joel Osment!

Check HERE for pictures of the walrus man!




Nurse 3D released a very provocative poster at the beginning of 2013, following with an equally tantalising trailer only just recently. Due for release Valentines Day, 2014 (State-side at least), Nurse 3D introduces us to a different kind of maniac – in the form of deranged seductress, Abby Russell (Paz de la Huerta). Echoing the slasher films of the 80’s, Nurse 3D looks set to deliver on the requisite nudity and gore – not to mention the odd genre cameo (keep an ear out for the baritone vocals of Kathleen Turner)!


Friday the 13th (Part 13)


The year wouldn’t be complete without the return of at least one horror icon of course. Jason Voorhees is promised a return in his 13th appearance – what better opportunity to make the character relevant again! Whether this is a sequel to 2009’s reimagining remains to be seen. It has been suggested that this entry will be a found footage affair however. In the right hands this could work wonders for the character.




Ok monster fans, I do believe we’re in for a treat next year – when the biggest monster of them all returns to our screens! Brought to us by Monsters director, Gareth Edwards, this particular incarnation will have more going for it than mere size!

With Monsters, Edwards presented a lightness of touch and real-world approach to his alien invasion epic. Judging by the trailer (below), Edwards eye for natural beauty and the grandiose look set to return. Throw in a decent cast (for once) and an appreciation for the character’s origins and we may have the best film of the year?!




Those of you who read my Top 5 New Wave Horror Directors will know I hold Ti West in pretty high esteem. His new film, The Sacrament is already gaining a lot of buzz on the festival circuit and looks set to keep us up at nights, come the new year.

Told through the eyes of two journalists, The Sacrament looks at cult groups and their ritualistic acts. Based on actual events, The Sacrament will be a chilling affair – and one of the highlights of the year!



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