Top 5 Dystopian Futures That Would Be Cool To Live In

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With Elysium coming out, the latest from District 9 director Neil Blomkamp, we’ve decided to take a look at films set in a future. Not only that, but ones in a dystopian future, and figure out which would be cool to live in.

Basically these futures are not ones you’d really want to be a part of, however some films have made them look ultra cool. As a fan of these films, I’ve seen many that have given me nightmares and others have me wanting to jump through the screen to get to them. For real, who doesn’t want to wake up on January 1st 2015 and hope that everything looks the way it did in Back to the Future Part 2? I want my hoverboard dammit!!

Alright, sit back and relax and enjoy my Top 5 list ….

RoboCop (1987)  - Directed by Paul Verhoeven.

RoboCop (1987) – Directed by Paul Verhoeven.

So basically I want to live in the universe this film has created because I kind of want to be a cyborg. An ass-kicking one that enforces the law! That to me sounds pretty darn cool. Sure Peter Weller portrayed the robot who ends up remembering his past life, and I’d want to have that access too. I’d also want to be tracking down the bastards who killed me. Sure I’d like to be Robocop, or a female version, I’d be totally awesome as that. I’d also be sure to say ‘fuck you’ to the system, and in this universe that would be insanely fun. Would I last? I’d try my best, but no one messes with RoboMarcey.


Demolition Man (1993) - Directed by Marco Brambilla.

Demolition Man (1993) – Directed by Marco Brambilla.

I want to do what Simon Phoenix does in this future: break all the laws and be charged for swearing (for because that’s 50% of my vocabulary). I’d love to challenge the cops in this future, they are just such cowards it’s awesome. I’d be in trouble if I were up against John Spartan (Sly Stallone), but hey! Part of the fun here would be the challenge. Now I can’t say for sure if I would want to try the three seashells. It sounds a lot cleaner than toilet paper, and who knows it might be totally environmentally friendly. This future also offers one fast food place, a fancy Taco Bell and that is totally okay. Sex is done by a device attached to the head, meh it’s not much different than buying a device, so I think I could handle this future.


Battle Royale (2000) -  Directed by Kinji Fukasaku.

Battle Royale (2000) – Directed by Kinji Fukasaku.

This future is all about over population and having a way of dealing with it by having a class of students go out and kill each other with one victor. I am pretty sure the teenage Marcey would win every single Battle Royale because I’d be hiding until everyone else killed each other. Now why would it be cool to live in this future? Because how crazy is it? Imagine living life with such fear, and being put into that situation where you have to kill to survive. I think that challenge alone would be worth it. Who knows? I could wind up winning and become some crazy dictator. There are endless possibilities here.


Idiocracy (2006) - Directed by Mike Judge.

Idiocracy (2006) – Directed by Mike Judge.

I sometimes feel like we are living in this future. I do feel like I am the smartest person in the world. You know after visiting Twitter and a bunch of 12 year olds are wishing death to a game designer or worshipping Justin Bieber. I’d love to be the lady who really is the smartest woman on the planet – I could control the masses and bring society back to a good point. No longer will ASS be the #1 film at the Box Office, we will get back a sense of pride. Yes, this future would be cool to live in because I could make my own Utopia and no one would be smart enough to stop me.


Escape from New York (1982) - Directed by John Carpenter

Escape from New York (1982) – Directed by John Carpenter

It’s time for me to admit that I want to live in this universe solely to hang out with Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) and go on missions with him. Snake is perhaps one of the most absolutely awesome characters put to screen. I worship him; he’s probably my biggest film character crush of all time. I don’t care how shitty the future is, if I get to be side by side with Snake, I’ll do it. That for me would be living the dream, and I wouldn’t even need to rule the planet. Hanging with Snake, I’d get to go out and meet interesting characters and just be so damn cool. Yes, this would be my ultimate good time and I am so upset this future isn’t real and I’m not with Snake right now. Kudos to John Carpenter for such an amazing creation with this film and the characters.

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