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While sitting here enjoying a quiet coffee in a trendy cafe surrounded by hipsters, I am confronted by a blood drenched mess who introduces himself as Dick Dale, the FestEVIL director of the ‘nastiest short fillum program in Oz’, Trasharama-a-Go-Go. He proudly exclaims he is covered in blood after shooting a short for Monster Fest called “We Love Dick” in which he gets “ripped apart by half naked and topless zombie girls who then eat me and fornicate with my body parts while getting it on with each other.” The reaction on my face is one of clear confusion/arousal, to which Dick adds, “Well, they said make a movie you’d like to see screened at your funeral…”


Trying to bring things back to a more family friendly point, I enquire as to what exactly Trasharama is.

“It’s a short film program screening short fillums of horror, bad taste comedy, exploitation and genres not even invented yet.” Dick says, “Movies created by the most sick and twisted minds in Oz. It’s been going (off and on) since 1997. I created it initially as a way to screen my own sordid productions and to network and screen other likeminded filmmaker’s creations. At the time there wasn’t any other festivals of its kind except for the Eat My Schlock Film Festival in Brisbane. Since then it has grown and grown. I’ve made it a competition too, so there’s some pretty cool prizes up for grabs. Thanks to Monster Pictures, Fangoria Magazine, Hooligan Steeetwear, Zombie Glamour, Midnight Marquee Press, House of the Damned movie memorabilia and Transmog FX. Check out the website: www.trasharama.com. I screen everything from Centrelink funded backyard DIYs to slick looking independents. Long as it’s demented and entertaining, it’s in with a chance.”

In retrospect I should have seen that coming.

With such a wide open slather, and assuming the entrants are just as interesting as Mr Dale himself, the first thought busting out of my head was the concern of the types of films that would have been entered into this competition over the years. His response leaves nothing to be desired…

“I have seen many things from a hardcore porn called 90 Second Relief, to someone actually shitting on a table, to simulated baby rape/eating to Go Go dancing lesbian serial killer movies.” Dick says, “Oh, there was one that I’ll never forget where it was a naked couple dancing with fish, doing poetry in Spanglish. Weird.”

But the worst was still to come…

“The worst one EVER was some twat sent in a short doco on a ballet school. I just thought, its Trasharama!! What the fuck are you thinking you fuckwit!! There’s ten minutes I’ll never get back. I sent a death squad around to their address as retribution, but it seems they had gone underground…”


Hoping for a positive spin on an interview that was currently circling the drain, I ask if the quality of this year’s entrants has improved to appease the conservative types who enjoy positive messages in their short films, his enthusiastic answer shoots down any hopes of political correctness swiftly.

“I love it when I get surprised with new original ideas. Jeez, we’ve had a few… Killer poo movies, satanic toilets, alien rapes… The mind doesn’t stop boggling. This year is particularly GREAT. I’m very excited with the quality and fucked-in-the-head story lines I’ll be screening.”

Surely though the babies are safe this time around?

“Um… it’s not a good year for babies again… Sorry kids!”

When speaking about the history of Trasharama, Dick becomes swiftly passionate and optimistic.

“The very first Trasharama had only one film, directed by yours truly. In the almost 20 years since, it has grown to well over 20 films in the festival.”

Is there anything you see attributing to this rise in trash, exploitation, and experimental cinema?

“I think there’s always been those film makers out there. People just need encouragement to make what they want and have fun. They can feel comfortable that they stand a chance of getting a screening now. When Trasharama first started, MOST of the film festivals going wouldn’t screen the backyard dodgies or horror movies. You’d sometime get maybe ‘one’ at the student screenings or independent short screenings per city for the year. They preferred the stuffy art-house movies or boring little character pieces. It’s great now that there are quite a few healthy (or unhealthy) festivals to screen at: Trasharama (at Monster Fest), International Night of Horrors and MUFF just off the top of my fried brain. The Freaks have some support out there now!”


But, this was just to lull me into a false sense of security as I ask about the possibility of more mainstream success for Trasharama.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Seriously this noise was made) It’ll never happen. Trasharama in the mainstream is like Hep A, with a dose AIDS, infected Ebola virus in the bloodstream. BUT saying that, the AFC have helped with some funding a few times over the years. I thought good on you for supporting something that needs to be out there. Let’s not forget the first film they funded was the bad taste comedy, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie. True, it’s been mostly downhill from there though…”

To summarise I ask what is in store for this year, “I think once again all the bodily fluids have been covered. We have a new Ghostess hostess, Misery Malice. She’s great! If I said anything, it wouldn’t be a surprise. I’m not a Cindy Brady Tattle tale tattle tale.”

As I finish the interview, now drenched in blood myself, the only advice I can offer you, dear reader, is do not miss Trasharama. Just don’t bring the kids, the grandma, that conservative uncle, anyone with a heart condition, people with no sense of humour, someone you are trying to impress, a person on your first date, and any sense of self respect you may currently be clinging on to. You are guaranteed to lose them all.


Joshua Merriel




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