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Winter is the perfect time to stay inside and watch weird and wonderful movies. Its now easier than ever before to get your mitts on Monster flicks. You don’t even have to leave your house. MonsterBox weekend weirdo deal   Let Monster Pictures help you not have to go anywhere and enjoy your weekend.

Here’s how. Go to MonsterBox.TV>>

1. Buy two films before Sunday 11th of August. 5pm AEST  (Thats this Sunday) 
You can buy any film of any value, rent or stream!

2. Email helpdesk@monsterbox.tv requesting the third film you want for FREE!
Just tell us what you want to receive credited to your account

3. Purchases must be made on the same account! (You and your mate can’t team up!)


You must rent two to get a free streaming rental.

You must buy (download) two to get a free download.

If you buy one and rent one, you get a rental for free.

You must have purchased/ rented two films between the 8th of August 10am and 11th of August 5pm.


GO FORTH AND BUY! To Monster Box.Tv>>


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Monster Pictures is a Melbourne-based distribution / production company dedicated to delivering the most energetic, unique, creative, innovative, provocative, bizarre, frightening, challenging, surreal, offbeat, absurd, twisted, demented, raunchy, cinema in the world today.

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