Halloween Opening Night: THE ABCs OF DEATH + After party

Halloween at Monster Fest and what a deranged and demented celebration we’ve got in store for you!

THE ABCs OF DEATH is the perfect film to kick off the festival and to celebrate Halloween – Twenty-six of the hottest horror directors on the planet presenting twenty-six stories of grisly and gruesome DEATH! – Could a film possibly get any more Halloween than that?

There ain’t no do-re-mi in this ABC — this one will slice and dice you in twenty-six unspeakable ways. Direct from the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest, THE ABCs is pure Halloween insanity for the sick at heart – an alphabet soup with unmentionable and unexplainable gristly bits!

This picture represents the coming together of two of the most prominent cult film enthusiasts on the planet, Kiwi, Ant Timpson, producer, festival director and all round film raconteur and Texan, Tim League, proprietor of the Alamo Draft House Cinema and festival director of one of the largest and most important genre festivals in the world right now, Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. This was a cool idea from the get go and I can tell you this – the result is even cooler! Gritty, nasty, sexy, colorful, scary, funny – a veritable smorgasbord of depravity – all the big names are here Ben Wheatley, Xavier Gens, Ti West, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Jason Eisener, Noburu Iguchi, Jake West  – the list goes on. THE ABCs OF DEATH is ultimate Halloween film.

Producer Ant Timpson will introduce the film and be present for a Q&A post screening.

* NOTE: This is  Halloween Event, THIS MEANS COSTUMES!!! We’ll be giving away mega door prizes for the best costume PLUS the TWENTY BEST DRESSED will be invited to the after party at Cinema Nova.

31 October Red Carpet » 6:00 pm - FREE WELCOME DRINKS will be served in the cinema foyer. Photographer will be present for Costume poses!
THE ABCs OF DEATH » 7:00 pm - Introduction and Q&A with Producer Ant Timpson
After Party » 9:15 pm - For Premium Ticket holders and 'Top Twenty Best Costume' winners.

Master Classes with Larry Cohen and Laurene Landon

Larry Cohen is one of the giants of American B-cinema, with a career that spans 7 decades, Cohen has written, produced and directed a prolific body of work, mainly in the horror or sci-fi genres.

Cohen’s films are characterized by his provocative wit and wry, often subversive, social commentary – they have a layer beyond the obvious which has afforded them an amazing durability over time.

Recently at the Vienna Film Festival Larry was honored with a retrospective of his work, screening over a dozen of his films with Larry introducing each screening.

Larry’s presentations are the stuff of legend, as his wife Cynthia recently told Monster Fest “give him an hour and he’ll talk for an hour, give him two and he’ll talk for two, give him three…” you get the picture – Larry is an orator par excellence regaling audiences with stories and anecdotes about his seven decades of adventures as a film maverick.

Laurene Landon is a long time collaborator of Larry Cohen, she appears briefly in THE STUFF but also plays the female lead in MANIAC COP.

Laurene began her career as a model, venturing into film in the late 70’s and playing the lead in such films as I THE JURY, AMERICA 3000, HUNDRA (Screening as part of The Night of the Women at Monster Fest) and ALL THE MARBLES, where she pipped Kathleen Turner for the lead role.

Recently HUNDRA has been screening at Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverley Cinema to packed houses, who are privileged to listen to this amazing woman introduce the films and answer some of their questions about her life in film.

Between Larry and Laurene this is going to be a night to remember for films lovers and students of the medium alike – how often do you get the chance to spend an evening with two screen legends? This is one such opportunity!

The evening will be divided into two sessions but a double session ticket is available through the Cinema Nova box office. Please notethat this special double session ticket is not available online.

SESSION ONE: THE STUFF with intro and followed by master class.

SESSION TWO: MANIAC COP with intro and followed by master class.

2nd november
the stuff » 7:15 pm
maniac cop » 9:45 pm

The Fatal Visions of Michael Helms: Book Launch + SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT

In the late 80’s FATAL VISIONS was the No.1 Aussie zine flying the flag for cult and exploitation cinema. It’s head honcho was none other than Melbourne cult movie stalwart Michael Helms. Helms has now compiled his much-loved zine into book form and this day is a celebration of all things Helms and all things FATAL VISIONS. FATAL VISIONS THE WONDER YEARS 1988-89 published by the marvelous & mysterious LedaTape Organisation. Books on sale at the Nova only on the day!

One of the key local names of the ‘Fatal Visions era’ was Melbourne filmmaker, musician, writer and artist Philip Brophy. In 1992 Brophy conspired with fellow cinematic provocateur Rod Bishop to make BODY MELT, the film that Quentin Tarantino cites as his personal favorite Australian horror, before Brophy gifted us with BODY MELT, he made a gore drenched mind-fucker that is possibly the most deranged little body-shocker ever committed to celluloid — SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT.

To explain SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT is no easy task, it’s not really a film that lends itself to a conventional synopsis’, perhaps you could say it’s a cinematic exploration into the very moist elements that define us as life? Brophy emerged from the Melbourne underground with this film in the late 80’s and left audiences and film critics alike scratching their noggins’ trying to figure out exactly they were watching – it feels like exploitation but at the same time we know that there’s something more going on – perhaps? Brophy’s incredible sound design marries with the image to give the film an intoxicating pulse and rhythm that’ll suck you in at the start, digest you for about an hour, and then shit you out in a steaming heap at the end – imagine viewing art in a filthy porn cinema that doubles as an abattoir, that is SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT…

Here’s what David Stratton thought of it at the time…

“Fascinating… Had me on the edge of my seat, didn’t know what was going to happen next. This film’s got balls” – David Stratton

Art? Maybe. Exploitation? Possibly. Brilliant? Most Definitely!

Paul Harris and Michael Helms will take the audience on a journey down the grimiest lanes of memory as they take a look  Melbourne exploitation film in the late 80’s/early 90’s.  looking at some of the most outlandish short films of the period. This will be followed by Philip Brophy and Rod Bishop introducing SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT. Paul Harris will host a Q&A with Brophy and Bishop post screening.


3 November Book launch introduction and short film presentation » 3:30PM
salt saliva sperm & sweat » 4:25 pm

Gorelesque 4 ‘Monsters Bash’

Maybe you’ve been living under a rock these last few years and haven’t heard of Gorelesque? If that’s the case YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO TAKE A TURN FOR THE BETTER!

Close your eyes and think of this… Hot vixens strutting their nasty stuff for 90 minutes of gore-filled, horror movie inspired, insanity – Gory, hilarious, nasty, Gorelesque 4 will leave you panting like a mutt on heat, begging for more!

These ultra-hot maidens of mayhem know how to turn on a show – for the last three years they have brought their brilliant and bizarre brand of dark variety and horror burlesque to frenzied audiences across the country.

Now we are delighted to announce they will team up with Monster Fest to present the Monster Fest Monster’s Bash.

Featuring burlesque icons Miss Nic, Vesper White, Betty Blood, Betty Grumble, Anthony De Masi and Emily Badsville, Gorlesque 4 is an all new show that promises to be the sickest and wickedest yet.

The night will be hosted by Sydney’s king of the groin grind Renny Kodgers and will feature a special guest appearance from the incredible directors of AMERICAN MARY, Canada’s rising horror superstars, The Twisted Twins, Jen & Sylvia Soska.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a HALLOWEEN EVENT – This means DRESS UP, fantastic prizes will be handed out for the BEST DRESSED.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: GORLESQUE 4 is held at Revolt, 12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington. Doors open at 7 pm.

3 November Revolt Melbourne » 12 Elizabeth St Kensington. Doors open 7 pm.

The Night Of The Women

Presented by Beserk Clothing

What is The Night of the Women?

The Night of the Women is what happens when ypu get the likes of Elvira (Cassandra Peterson), Hundra (Laurene Landon) and The Twisted Twins (Jen & Sylvia Soska) in the same place all at the same time – it’s a celebration of the role of women in horror and it’s a perfect opportunity for Monster Pictures to look for and announce a Monster Queen AND to find the best Elvira or Hundra lookalike in the land.

How does the night work? There are two sessions..


6.30: ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK: Back in the late 80’s Cassandra Peterson took her much loved Mistress of the Dark persona to the big screen where she strutted her stuff to maximum effect. This is a camp, low-cut boob fest that you simply cannot mess and is the perfect lead in to..

8:00pm THE HUNT FOR THE MONSTER QUEEN: Groin grinding Superstar, Sydney’s magnificent Renny Kodgers hosts an all star panel of Elvira (Cassandra Peterson), Hundra (Laurene Landon) The Twisted Twins (Jen & Sylvia Soska) and Gorelesque’s own Miss Nic and Vesper White. The task of the panel is to judge the finalists of the ‘Hunt for a Monster Queen’ and to name the Monster Pictures, horror hosting Monster Queen. We’ll also be searching for a the best Elvira lookalike too, so get dressed up ladies – here’s your chance to shine and win AMAZING PRIZES FROM BESERK CLOTHING!


9.30: HUNDRA – The ‘Hunt for the Monster Queen’ is proof that the world is crying out for a strong female to lead us into the new millennium, well back in the  laste 80’s we had one – a blond bombshell by the name of Hundra. Hundra seeks two things, a mate, and bloody revenge! Packed ful lof action and gore this film is guaranteed to have women clutching and waving  their swords, whilst their menfolk sit obediently (and nervously) by their side! This screening will be introduced by the amazing Laurene Landon.

Laurene has recently been screening this 80’s gem at Tarantino’s New Beverley Cinema to packed houses and rave reviews, here’s your chance to see what all the fuss was about – UNMISSABLE

** Fantastic Beserk Clothing door prizes for the best Hundra lookalike.



7 November 6.30PM » ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK + The Night of the Women

Closing Night: Excision / American Mary + After Party with The Twisted Twins

After 10 nights of Monster Fest mayhem, you’re brain will be in a state of shock and your body will be screaming out for attention. Well we’ve got just the thing – firstly, some of the finest body horror on the planet, AND THEN a night of drunken debauchery with two of the most exciting young horror fiends you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting, The Twisted Twins themselves, directors extraordinaire, Jen and Sylvia Soska!

Monster Fest Closing Night will be divided into 2 sessions


EXCISION: You are going to love this nasty little gem – any film that takes a Hollywood glamor puss like 90210’s Annalynne McCord and transforms her into a teenage misfit freak has gotta be good right? Throw in John Waters as her church therapist, Malcolm McDowell as her teacher and Traci Lords as her mother and you surely can’t lose! It shocked Sundance and Walmart refused to stock it – EXCISION IS UNMISSABLE!


AMERICAN MARY: If you’ve seen DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK you’ll have some idea of just how talented these Soska girls are, well take it from us – YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET! AMERICAN MARY is The Twisted Twins announcing to the world that they’re here and that horror may never be the same again! This film is nothing short of superb – dark, twisted, hilarious and totally unique – original horror concepts don’t grow on trees right? – tell that to the Soska’s, they’ve got their own friggin’ orchard! This is the worlds first body-modification horror, part Lynch, part Cronenberg – 100% Pure Canadian Soska!

Post screening,  AMERICAN MARY Party ticket holders ($45.00 from www.cinemnova.com.au) are invited back to the John Curtin Hotel at 29 Lygon St, to party into the wee hours of the night. The ticket price includes a drink card on entry. Melbourne’s own Burn in Hell, who have just returned from a 4 month stink in Europe, will perform their own incredible brand of swampy graveyard rock, girls will perform and the darkest magic imaginable will transpire!

This is a horror themed event – anyone wearing costume will be in the running for superb prizes throughout the night.

Come get hammered with two rising horror superstars!

9 November EXCISION » 6.30pm