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MONSTER FEST is a big screen celebration of the beautiful, brutal and bizarre – a genre film love-in for cinema fans with a penchant for the fantastic.

Following the success of last year’s Fantastic Asia Film Festival (FAFF), Cinema Nova and Monster Pictures join forces once again and take what has proven to be a winning formula and transform it into this larger, more imposing, more aggressive cinematic celebration called MONSTER FEST.

Horror, fantasy, science-fiction, action and erotica from every corner of the globe – premiere screenings, international guests, master-classes, parties, events, short filmmaking competitions and much more – will make up the program of MONSTER FEST. Some of the world’s most astonishing and exciting new titles will be presented alongside retrospectives and cult classics in a festival that emphasises cinema as a participatory artform. MONSTER FEST’S message is a simple one – ‘Get out, get into a cinema and LIVE IT LARGE!’

MONSTER FEST also incorporates the MONSTER FEST ‘BEST OF FEST’ Australian tour, which presents the very finest genre-cuts from the Festival and travels them the length and breadth of the country.

Commencing in Melbourne on Halloween night 2012, MONSTER FEST will light up the country with thrills, spills and chills the likes of which have rarely been seen before.


MONSTER FEST is not merely a festival for film lovers. It’s an event for anybody who is into cool, unique and influential pop culture.

In partnership with Melbourne’s most iconic arts cinema, Cinema Nova, and with a media and PR schedule aimed squarely at the influential edge of culture, MONSTER FEST appeals to a young, smart, media-savvy audience with a passion for artistic expression that ranges from fashion to social networking to cinema.

The Festival’s audience consists of those who express a desire to converse on the vibrant and eclectic fringe of mainstream culture.

Whether it’s face-to-face or via a multitude of social media, one thing is certain, MONSTER FEST – in all its provocative and evocative glory – will have chins a’ waggin’ and fingers a’ tappin!


Life as a sponsor of MONSTER FEST brings with it many benefits. Association with the Festival allows your brand to be part of a fresh and fascinating conversation in a market that is deeply engaged with the subject matter.

Not only will your brand be reinforced in the Melbourne market, but immediately following the conclusion of MONSTER FEST in Melbourne, the Festival will travel across the country in the form of a MONSTER FEST ‘BEST OF FEST’ Australian tour, which will include a number of regional and capital city stops.

Branding is enjoyed across the various channels of the Festival’s media partnerships. Sponsors have the opportunity to enjoy brand placement across the Festival’s robust media schedule; logo placement on cinema screens prior to placement; database collection; access to patrons and guests pre and post-screening; the chance to get product into patrons’ hands; Festival tickets and passes to use as giveaways; and even full and complete Festival naming rights.

Social media will play a substantial role in the promotion of the Festival, with dynamic media being booked across Facebook, along with ongoing Twitter feeds in the lead-up and throughout the Festival.

In addition to all the above initiatives, Cinema Nova, as the screening cinema, in tandem with Monster Pictures, as the most significant providers of content, will also be contributing their own media campaigns across the value, which will include regular listings in major daily print media, website inclusion, social media and radio campaigns.

Sponsorship allows brands to enjoy association with a fresh and vibrant event, place product into the hands of the audience where feasible, and enjoy media exposure prior and during the screenings. Sponsorship packages are as follows:

Tier 1 Partnership


  • Exclusive naming rights
  • Branding on all collateral and media (posters, flyers, website, radio promos, newspaper listings)
  • 50 x tickets for promotional use
  • Private screening for staff, stakeholders and others
  • Logo on screen prior to film and any on-screen advertising provided by the sponsor of the sponsors product
  • Flyers on seats if this can be achieved
  • Links to website on Festival homepage and equivalent through social media platforms.
  • Data collection opt-in on site
  • Opportunity to use Festival network for product giveaways
  • Verbal thanks on opening and closing nights
  • Category exclusivity
  • Where feasible, product display and integration into opening/closing night event
  • $10K naming rights package for Melbourne city only – for national naming rights please speak to organisers.

Media value in Melbourne market place value around $30k

Tier 2 Sponsorship

$2,500 PACKAGE

  • Branding on all collateral and media (posters, flyers, website, radio promos, newspaper listings, etc)
  • 25 x tickets for promotional use
  • Logo on screen prior to film and any on-screen advertising provided by the sponsor of the sponsor’s product
  • Flyers on seats if this can be achieved
  • Links to website on Festival homepage and equivalent through social media platforms

Big Winners Package

An integral component and stand-alone sidebar of MONSTER FEST will be the ‘Five Minutes to Die’ Short Filmmaking Competition. A nationwide ‘call for entries’ and separate judging event will take place in the months leading up to the MONSTER FEST program. This will effectively provide the prize package sponsor with an opportunity for increased exposure outside the maelstrom of the Fest and in an individual brand capacity.

How does the comp work?

Entries will be sought from creative souls across Australia to produce a five-minute film around the central premise of ‘Five Minutes to Die’. In order to promote a level playing field within a limited budget aesthetic, all entries for the comp must be shot on either an iPhone or Android device, although they may be edited on a computer and supplied as a digital file or DVD output.

What will the sponsor provide?

The Big Winners prize sponsor will be capable of supplying a major prize booty that is either attractive to filmmakers (i.e. camera equipment, computer or similar) or a generally desirable prize such as air tickets, holiday package, motor vehicle or the like. Short filmmaking in this country has become something akin to a national obsession, so this is a great opportunity to align your brand with an exciting and new wave of creativity among younger consumers.

Provider Package

There are other ways to enjoy associating with MONSTER FEST.

Across the country, MONSTER FEST will be seeking partnerships with a variety of providers from post screening entertainment partners to prize goods providers,

If you’re a bar, or a cafe, or a restaurant or a supplier of a product or service that is looking to tap into a young, vibrant and somewhat eclectic demographic, let’s talk – MONSTER FEST is for you!