Dead Sushi

Japan , 2012

  • 91 MIN
  • DIR: Noboru Iguchi
  • CAST: Rina Takeda, Shigeru Matsuzaki, Yasuhiko Fukuda

“A cheerfully ludicrous yarn but Iguchi scores with frequently funny set pieces” – Variety

Sushi Action! Sushi Erotica! Sushi Violence! Attack of the Killer Sushi! Hot Wasabi Action! Iguchi is back! Splatter horror-comedy’s maestro who has previously been associated with such delicacies as THE MACHINE GIRL, ROBO GEISHA and FAFF gems KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR and ZOMBIE ASS returns to serve up an entrée of raw disgusting delights in his most tongue-in-cheek film yet! DEAD SUSHI stars High Kick Girl’s Rina Takeda as she fends off evil flying sushi pieces after a mad scientist concocts a serum mixed into the rice awakening the killer instinct in fish! Highlights include an axe wielding fish man, a martial arts fight with nori rolls and a flying squid with an oral obsession.

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