USA , 2012

  • 81 MIN
  • DIR: Richard Bates
  • CAST: AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords, Ariel Winter, Malcolm McDowell, Ray Wise, Marlee Matlin

“EXCISION is a truly unique horror ride into the scariest of all places – the mind of a teenage misfit.” – Joblo.com

Transform 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord from glamour queen to ugly teen with psycho-sexual surgery fantasies; add Traci Lords as her mother, John Waters as her church therapist, Malcolm McDowell as her teacher — and what do you get? One of the blackest, most original horror tales for years! It outraged Sundance & Walmart refused to stock it. A MUST SEE!

Pauline (McCord) is a frumpy social leper at home and at high school. To survive she takes solace in increasingly bizarre dreams. As her lines of reality blur, she begins to orchestrate a plan to prove her worth to her disapproving parents and bullying peers – she sets out to cure her little sister of Cystic Fibrosis! When Pauline is not daydreaming about losing her virginity to Adam (Jeremy Sumpter), the hottest boy in school, she fantasises about being the real life star of NIP/TUCK, leading to mayhem involving tongues, abortions and bloody backyard surgery.

A twisted body-horror surgical sensation, Pauline’s warped tale is sure to get under your skin…and stay there. A striking debut from writer/director Richard Bates Jr. Never before has the term cutting-edge been so apt.


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