USA , 1983

  • 80 MIN
  • DIR: Matt Cimber
  • CAST: Laurene Landon, John Gaffari, Maria Casal, Victor Gans

“Landon’s best remembered role, HUNDRA is one of the best films of its kind” –

Tina Turner sang “we don’t need another hero” – Bullshit! We need one now more than ever, a blond one with a sword no less! HUNDRA is a warrior woman who seeks two things, a mate and REVENGE! Packed full of action and gore HUNDRA is guaranteed to have women clutching for swords and men clutching for their umm… nuts — Superb!

This girl power sword and sorcery epic would have Conan spinning. It’s the Dark Ages, and savage men have enslaved all women…all except for one woman who was born in a tribe of fierce warrior women! Hundra the Invincible has been raised to despise the influence of men and all they stand for! And she’s not going to take it anymore as she leads a valiant tribe of women who dare to be free!

Shot in Spain with a score by Ennio Morricone and helmed by Jayne Mansfield’s ex-Matt Cimber, HUNDRA is one of the great underrated films of the era and has never been seen theatrically previously in this country.

Laurene Landon is incredible in the title role and this is your chance to see the film and meet her in person. Quentin Tarantino has been screening this gem at his New Beverley Cinema, where Laurene’s introduction to the film has been a smash hit – come see what all the fuss is about – Laurene Landon is AMAZING!

Lead actor Laurene Landon will introduce the film.

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