UK , 2011

  • 90 MIN
  • DIR: Alex Chandon
  • CAST: Jo Hartley, Seamus O’Neil, James Doherty

“It’s a freakshow slaughter contest between hoodies and hillbillies” – TwitchFilm

We came across this charming little fellow at a market screening at the Berlin International Film Festival and Mein Got! DAS IST UBER NASTY! You might describe it as FREAKS meets DELIVERANCE meets THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN. It’s brutal and sick, but so funny we guarantee it’ll have fiends like YOU smiling from ear to ear. Hicksploitation is back, INBRED is King!

This is one trip to the country that will rattle your cage. When a group travellers turn up for a weekend in a remote Yorkshire village they meet a bunch of strange yokels with some particularly unpleasant ‘ways’ and a distinct dislike for strangers. It isn’t long before body parts start flying and the corpse count rises! A gore-fest with a humour as black as the blackest black pudding!

This is British humour at its nastiest, vilest best, you’ll laugh, you’ll gag, you’ll never forget INBRED.

Director Alex Chandon is a guest of the festival and will provide an intro and Q&A on the night.


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