Denmark , 2011

  • 90 MIN
  • DIR: Mikkel Nørgaard
  • CAST: Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen, Marcuz Jess Peterson

“Raunchy, fearless, awesome!” – Indiewire

KLOWN is freakin’ funny Danish comedy that had a previous life as a six season TV series before busting out on the big screen & going right up the river. Frank & Casper & a 12 year-old take a canoe trip they dub the Tour De Pussy in search of a riverside whorehouse. Serious political incorrectness ensues.

Flowing the inappropriate adventures of a no-hoper nimrod this the story of Frank, who “kidnaps” the 12-year-old nephew of his pregnant girlfriend in order to show off his fatherhood potential. They team up with a sex-crazed fiend on a misadventure, which includes expensive brothels, armed robberies and even prison! Madcap mindlessness from the Netherlands will never be the same again!

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