Canada , 2012

  • 60 MIN
  • DIR: Steve Kostanski
  • CAST: Adam Brooks, Jeremy Gillespie, Matthew Kennedy, Meredith Sweeney

“Part homage, part satire and all dorky love letter to cheap direct-to- VHS epics of the 80’s” – Fangoria

Cyborgs battling Nazi vampires — what more do we need to say? MANBORG is a loving ode to VHS. Imagine a 80s era arcade game having sex with a front loader VCR! Okay, now imagine their offspring …meet MANBORG! It’s one of the most spectacularly trashy joyrides you are ever likely to encounter. Sit back, adjust the tracking and LIVE!

And the plot goes something like this… Killed while battling the armies of hell, a fallen soldier is brought back to life as a super cyborg to wage war on an armada of Nazi vampires led by the nefarious Count Dracula! High Kicks and Camp Characters abound, as MANBORG reveals itself as a high-class ode to the grainy days of straight to VHS trash treasures!

MANBORG is Astron-6 through and through – made by people who love films, for people who love films – you’re going to love it!