Maniac Cop

USA , 1988

  • 80 MIN
  • DIR: William Lustig
  • CAST: Bruce Campbell, Tom Atkins, Laurene Landon, Robert Z’Dar
  • Written & Produced By Larry Cohen

“MANIAC COP is what it is, and what it is, is a film about a cop who murders people. And you know what? Sometimes, that’s enough” –

Cohen, Lustig, Campbell, Landon — is this the ultimate fantasy dinner party for B-movie freaks? Well you get a screen crawling with them and a cinema with two of them sitting along side you — beat that! MANIAC COP is a 80s video-nasty masterpiece. A violent, sleazy, rip-roaring gore-a-thon for lovers of PURE CINEMA — miss it only if you’re dead!

When reports come in of a man in a police uniform committing gore-drenched bloody murder on the city streets, officer Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell) stands accused. Now, with few friends, powerful enemies and a psychopathic slayer still at large, it’s up to Jack to prove he’s not guilty and bring down the killer. Born out of the late 80s, Lustig brings grindhouse glee to Cohen’s razor sharp script.

Features presentation with Laurene Landon and special guest Larry Cohen 

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