Salt Saliva Sperm & Sweat

Australia , 1987

  • 57 MIN
  • DIR: Philip Brophy
  • CAST: Phillip Dean, Jean Kitson, Lyndal Barry, Daniel Scharf, George Huxley

“Fascinating... Had me on the edge of my seat, didn’t know what was going to happen next. This film’s got balls” – David Stratton

Tarantino’s favorite Australian film? Philip Brophy’s BODY MELT. Before he gifted us with BODY MELT Brophy made a gore drenched mind-fucker that is possibly the most deranged little body-shocker ever committed to celluloid — SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT. A cinematic exploration into the very moist elements that define us as life.

Like Phil Brophy himself, SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT is a strange beast and almost impossible to categorize. Brophy emerged from the Melbourne underground with this film in the late 80’s and left audiences and film critics alike scratching their noggins’ trying to figure out exactly what the film was – it feels like exploitation but at the same time we know that there’s something more going on – perhaps? Brophy’s incredible sound design marries with the image to give the film an intoxicating rhythm that’ll suck you in at the start, digest you for about an hour, and then shit you out at the end – imagine viewing art in a filthy porn cinema that doubles as an abattoir, that is SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT…

Art? Maybe. Exploitation? Possibly. Brilliant? Most Definitely!

Director Philip Brophy, producer Rod Bishop and several other key figures involved in the production of the film will be present for a intro and post screening Q&A hosted by Paul Harris.

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