The Big Gun/Henge

Japan , 2012

  • The big Gun 31 mins, Henge 54 MIN
  • DIR: Hajime Ohata
  • CAST: Kazunari Aizawa, Aki Morita & Teruhiko Nobukuni

“HENGE shows the sort of raw power that hasn’t been seen from Japan since the original TETSUO” – TwitchFilm

See the best in bright talent from Japan with a double-header from visionary newcomer Hajime Ohata, bringing you truly unique body-horror cinema that harks back to early Cronenberg.

The twenty minute short THE BIG GUN, tells of a small town in an economic downward spiral – two brothers barely survive in an ironworks and find themselves forced to build a bizarre custom gun for a criminal organisation, driven by desperation and the completion of this twisted technology, they strike back with unrelenting force.

HENGE is best described as part domestic drama and part creature feature OR as Kafka’s Metamorphosis ON ACID. Think TETSUO meets Kafka meets Cronenberg and your heading down the right road. A broken marriage, a strange illness and terrible dreams that culminate with a horrific transformation, HENGE blew audiences away at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in Japan and announced Ohata as an exciting new voice in the horror universe.

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