The Caretaker

Australia , 2012

  • 96 MIN
  • DIR: Tom Conyers
  • CAST: Anna Kate Burgess, Clint Dowdell, Mark White

"The only thing that sparkles in new Aussie vampire film THE CARETAKER is it's general brilliance" – Fangoria

Do you love vampire films where supernatural creatures come and go in a spray of sparkles? If so, stay the fuck away from THE CARETAKER, the smart new low budget vampire film shot in the Victorian countryside by writer/director Tom Conyers & producer/star Mark White.

A small Victorian town in the present day is beginning to feel the effects of an unknown outbreak that is swiftly overrunning the major cities. Only one man seems to have a grip on things and he’s a doctor from the city. But what exactly does this man know about the seemingly mass medical nightmare that has been unleashed?

THE CARETAKER is intelligent, intense & ready for you to feel its disease.


Features Q&A with cast and director Tom Conyers

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