The Stuff

USA , 1985

  • 86 MIN
  • DIR: Larry Cohen
  • CAST: Michael Moriarty, Garrett Morris, Andrea Marcovicci

“This playful comic-horror is a fine diversion. Consumers, beware!” – Premiere

Larry Cohen is the undisputed King of the subversive B flick, and THE STUFF is Cohen at his acerbic best. White addictive goo that bubbles up from the earths core, is sold to the masses as a frozen desert but turns out to be a parasitic entity that destroys from within — Does it get any better than that? One word — Genius!

When a group of miners discovers a mysterious but delicious white substance bubbling up from the earth, a conglomerate markets the gooey, addictive fluff as a dessert. When a new product begins eating into the market share of traditional frozen desserts, the dairy industry hires former FBI agent Moe Rutherford to investigate the secret behind The Stuff! Cohen’s trademark subversive wit is on full display in this curdled comment on consumerism!

Features intro, master class and Q&A with Larry Cohen 

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