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Buy a ‘The Dude Designs’ special edition ‘Video Nasty’ print and do your bit for breast cancer research!

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Okay Monsterites – In the few years that we’ve been up and running, we’ve observed a couple of things about the average Monster fan… One, is that you LOVE the work of UK based poster genius Tom Hodge, of ‘The Dude Designs’ (Father’s Day, Monster Fest, Dear God No, Hobo With a Shotgun, Innkeepers, etc), and another is that you LOVE just about everything to do with BOOBIES!

Well here’s some very exciting news for boobie loving Tom Hodge fans – Tom has recently created an incredible Halloween Special, Video Nasty poster design (pictured below) in celebration of all things horror and is selling a limited number on the Poster Collective website.

Toms awesome Video Nasty poster. You’ve nailed it again Mr. Hodge!

What does all that have to do with boobies you might ask? Well Tom and the Poster Collective have also pledged a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of the posters to a leading UK breast cancer research charity – to help protect boobies and the gorgeous creatures attached to them, and in turn, the future of all humanity – how cool is that?

Read about ‘Keep A Breast’ here.

Here’s the Poster Collective ad..

The Poster Collective ad for the limited edition Tom Hodge print.


As it says in the ad, there are only 150 of the prints available, so get in very quick to avoid disappointment.

TO BUY the poster is is very simple. Just click on this link which will take you through to the Poster Collective website and store. You’ll also get a full interview with the great man him self, Tom Hodge.

Here’s some details from the poster.

The trade mark Dude Designs detailing makes this something very special for a horror fiends wall.

Please get behind this initiative folks – Tom is a great friend of Monster Pictures, a gentleman and an all round cool guy and what’s more his art is amongst the most spectacular poster art on the planet right now.

So there you have it Monsterians, a poster for you to gaze at for all eternity as well as healthy boobies attached to healthy happy women, and therefore a healthy happy planet for millions and millions of years to come – How could it get any better than that?




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