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EXCISION arrives in the UK to a chorus of oohs and aahs!

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Here’s something to tickle the fancy of just every horror fan alive. Richard Bates Jr’s EXCISION had it’s first press screening in the UK yesterday. Now as you can imagine, these press screenings can be a nerve wracking time for anyone involved in the distribution of a film.  One rotten fart amongst the crowd could be enough to set off a chain reaction of disapproval which will eventually see its way onto the critics page, spelling disaster for the film.

A post transformation Annalynne McCord sits with Mom and Dad Traci Lords and Roger Bart.

Well I have some great news about the EXCISION screening my dear ones, not one iota of foul air was expunged throughout the entire screening and each critic left with that certain glow you’d expect from someone who’d just spent the last 80 minutes or so soaked in Annalynne McCord’s menstrual blood.  Take a look at these quotes, some from twitter, others from reviews…

“I just saw – and loved – EXCISION, it’s one of year’s most impressive, original films” Kim Newman EMPIRE

“EXCISION explores the dark side of adolescent angst using dry wit and dark, disturbing fantasy. See it” Nigel Floyd – TIME OUT

“Need to mull over EXCISION more but it’s definitely one worth checking out. Made me think of McKee’s MAY. (This is a very good thing)” Craig Skinner HEY YOU GUYS

“EXCISION was as mad as I expected and good to see Traci Lords, John Waters, Malcolm McDowell and Ray Wise in the same film!” Marianna MacGilp UPBEAT

“Saw EXCISION this evening. Interesting, quirky, unusual and original teen horror film with a great sense of humour.” Stuart O’Connor SCREENJABBER

“I loved Excision. One of my fave films of the year, especially for horror. 5-star review from me (will forward when it goes live). Really was a kick-ass film.” CINEMART

“I was blown away by Excision. As you know, I loved it – imagine a teen comedy scripted by Palahniuk and directed by Cronenberg. Subversive, shocking and hilarious, with unexpectedly brilliant performances, it’s a gory, razor-sharp black comedy.” THIS IS FAKE DIY

“One of the biggest cinema surprises for me this year. In a genre packed full of sub-standard and unimaginative dross, Richard Bates has delivered a darkly comic teen angst horror delight which gently subverts the high school loner comedy genre with the disturbed fantastical dreams of its heroine. I already want the bluray!” LAW & MORE

“I really enjoyed the film. It’s was a refreshingly warped and grotesque take on the coming-of-age/sexual awakening subgenre. A gory, yet hilarious nightmare riddled with equal measures of  abstract violence and darkly comic humour – as unsettling as it was enjoyable.” CINE-VUE

“I thought it was terrific; genuinely disturbing and unsettling, a great antidote to the endless parade of anodyne slasher movies, and made me think of “We need to talk about Kevin” if it had been adapted by John Waters…”RESONANCE

“What a totally bizarre original, a freakish fantasy full surreal symbolism and nightmare imagery. Not for the squeamish. I loved it.” FILM INTERNATIONAL

“I really enjoyed the film, it was an offbeat, funny and very, very dark ride. Seriously intense but laugh-out loud funny. Not for the faint of heart, the gore factor was up to 10! I look forward to seeing it again!”  SCREEN GEEK

“extremely brave, confident, funny, gross and interesting stuff. Amazing performances all round and really packed with emotion I thought. Constantly defies expectation, refuses to do all the thing you expect that sort of film to do, and plays with expectations of the cast too. “ ROSIE FLETCHER/ SFX & TOTAL FILM

“Loved the film.  It’s so wrong!  It’s like the bastard child of WETLANDS and WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE.  Thought it was an edgy, darkly funny, twisted little fairytale that drips with madness and menstrual blood.  Thought AnnaLynne McCord was stunning and fantastic performances from Traci Lords, Ariel Winter and Roger Bart.” FILM JUICE

“I thought the film was incredibly moving and at the same time brilliantly disturbing.” NEW EMPRESS MAGAZINE

“It was great fun, in a demented sort of way. Like a John Waters movie, but with taste.” SCI-FI LONDON

“Overall I’m not ashamed to call Excision a new cult film, it’s not just a horror film, it’s an experience that stains and haunts you with “the ugly”.  It was like a horror breeze or a genius fix that my mind longed since May. Great script, brilliant acting and chemistry between the actors.” TOP TEN HORROR

EXCISION is making all the right noises in Old Blighty and it’s not long before it’ll be screening as part of the Closing Night shenanigans at Monster Fest in Melbourne. As you’re surely aware tickets are on sale now through the Cinema Nova website.

Here’s the DVD slick that will soon be raising eyebrows in Britain – looks great huh?


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