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Here they are folks! The short films selected to play at Monster Fest film festival this year! yes after weeks of watching endless short grindhouse magnificence, we’ve finally arrived at the list below. The decision wasn’t easy believe me – there were so many entries it really was a tough thing to hone it down to this final list. It’s amazing just how many sick bastards there are out there in Monster Land. Anyway – here’s the list, remember all the filmmakers selected will get a double pass to the film that their films is paired with + they will also get entry to opening and closing night.

“The Body Watchers” 
A peepshow stripper has a close encounter of the voyeuristic kind…
DIR Adam Spellicy (MELB)

“Thy Kill Be Done” playing with Father’s Day 

In a city run by crime, St. Catherine’s church and its benevolent caretaker, Monsignor O’Byrron, stand as the last bastion of good. But when drug lord ‘Scratch’ Lucius and his gang of bloodthirsty delinquents murder O’Byrron on the church grounds, Sister Yvonne, Sister Morgan, and Sister St. Claire vow to take their revenge. But these are no ordinary nuns…This hard-hitting habit will stop at nothing until justice is served and Scratch and his gang atone for their sins – in the name of God or face-to-face.
DIR Greg Hanson (NYC)

“Sink Hole” playing with The Inside (1 min short, no trailer)
A man is lured into a horrible sexual tryst by his sink.
DIR Greg Hanson (NYC)

“Zombie Bastards From Hell” 

Beaumont McDiggery faces his largest adversary yet in the corrupt lawman Franky Terrain, a madman hell bent on injecting Beaumont with his Romeo Disease serum which yields undead side-effects. Faux-sploitation in the vein of Black Dynamite, with all the gore, babes and blood you need.
DIR Sam Chambers (MELB)


“Garbage Day”
When a man finds supernatural garbage can, it seems like the perfect way to dispose of a body – but as always, the unknown brings with it horrible and violent side-effects.
DIR Ross Bower

The story of a lone surviving woman, stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the undead, trying to hold on to the last of her humanity.
DIR Cameron McCulloch

“The Tea Party”
A princess, a prince, and some foul mouthed animals, all come together for ‘The Tea Party’.
DIR Cameron McCulloch (MELB)

“The Unknown Land” playing with Muir House
An ageing writer and his wife move in to an old house near a disused gold mine. His writer’s block leads him to explore his backyard finding a little golden dragon – which begins to fuel his obsession and slowly takes hold of him. 
DIR Thomas Baricevic (MELB)

A young artist sits on the sidewalk, struggling to make a living. She makes drawings for the passersby.
A businessman recognises her talents and offers her a paying job.
The prospect seems inviting but the reality threatens to kill her imagination…
DIR Isabel Peppard (MELB)

A commentary on contemporary genre cinema where two guys dissect the films of their youth.
DIR Jarret Gahan (MELB)


‘Mathilda’ is an old-fashioned fairytale in a modern setting. Mathilda is a ten-year-old girl who lives with a terrifying monster. Determined to save herself and her sister, Mathilda forms a desperate plan inspired by her imagination, setting off a chain of events not even she could anticipate.
DIR Matthew Chuang (MELB)




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