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Welcome to Monster Mouth people, the place from where all things Monster Pictures will spew!

What better way to kicks things off than with the latest from a little Canadian horror flick that is currently doing the rounds of genre festivals around the world and is, in the process, kicking some serious arse! Of course the flick in question is none other than AMERICAN MARY.

The amazing Soska Sisters as they appeared in AMERICAN MARY. That’s Jen on the left and Syvia on the right – oh, hang about, no… ummm, Oh well you can sort it out for yourself when you meet them in person at Monster Fest.

The Soska Sisters much anticipated follow up to DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK had its premiere at London’s Film4 Fright Fest a few weeks back and has just screened at Fantastic Fest in the US – the reaction at both screenings has been bloody mind boggling to say the least!

Reviews have been uniformly glowing and to say that we’re just a little bit excited down here in Monster Land is a bit of an understatement – The truth is, we are totally fucking COCKAHOOP!

So just how awesome are people saying this film is? Well I’ve searched the long reaches of the online world and complied some snippets of reviews, which you can take a gander at.

This is mouth watering stuff Monsterpeeps – read on…

“American Mary is shocking, sad, darkly comical and incredibly impressive. The Soskas are now officially a force to be reckoned with.” Shock to you

“It’s energetic, and smart. It’s dark, yet incredibly beautiful, just like the lovely Soska sisters…horror needs more directors like the Soskas.”

“Katharine Isabelle (GINGER SNAPS) is brilliant, erotic, funny, and frightening in the lead role” Bloody

“This film will make you consider cutting your tongue in half.”

“AMERICAN MARY is the most emotionally accurate, bravest, best-made horror film I have ever seen… It is sexy, revolting, empowering and overwhelming all at once without ever feeling exploitative.” Aint it Cool

“American Mary represents a stunning vision and one of the most original genre films of the year.”

“one of the strangest, slyest, and most confident “female-centric” horror flicks in quite some time”

“Jen and Sylvia Soska have made a film that feels deeply personal and filled with such dedication that it simply can’t be ignored. Book your appointment with American Mary as soon as possible.”**** Dread

“Already the Soska Twins are the most interesting sibling movie collaborators since the Coen Brothers” Screen Daily

“American Mary is a triumph and suggests the Soska’s are exciting new voices in horror cinema” Grolsch Film

“Put simply, good, gory fun.”

“American Mary is a rarity, an original horror film – hold it close and cherish it.”

“American Mary shows that the Soska sisters are a force to be reckoned with… One of the best films shown at FrightFest this year”

“I believe American Mary to be an important and vital horror film… it shines all the brighter, not only for being wonderful in and of itself, but for having the guts to break away from its already stagnant peers.”

“American Mary is a Frankenstein for the 21st Century” Letterbox’

There you have it folks, and that’s from only TWO screenings! Rarely have we seen a horror flick so unanimously praised – YOU’D HAVE TO BE DEAD NOT TO BE EXCITED!

American Mary screens as the closing film at Monster Fest on November 9th along side EXCISION as part of the Body Horror Meltdown at 8:30pm followed by the ‘American Mary Party’ at 10:30pm til very late.

We will make some separate announcements about the Soska’s and their travels Down Under very soon so don’t go away!


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