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American Mary Hits Cinemas!

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American Mary worked its body mod magic on the festival circuit, picking up over 15 international awards including Best Picture at Screamfest, Toronto After Dark and Shudder Fest

After she is betrayed and brutalized by one of her professors, medical student Mary Mason’s life takes a surprising turn as she becomes a sawbones for the local mob after she stumbles into a seedy burlesque bar looking for work. Simultaneously ‘Bloody Mary’ becomes a hit in the body-modification underground after she helps a woman become the ultimate living doll. Before long Mary finds herself becoming increasingly unhinged as the operations pile up and the surgeries begin to leave more marks on her than her so-called freakish clientele.


See this incredible film
Cinema Nova Melbourne 29th more info
Dendy Cinemas Newtown 29th more info


  1. Lauren says:

    Any chance of a Brisbane release? Badly wanted to see it at BIFF, but had other things on.

    1. Monster Pictures says:

      Sorry no plans at this stage, will be on DVD and Blu -ray in February 2013

  2. Dark Mark says:

    Can you do something in Brisbane? We get nothing.

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