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Monster Fest Perth

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Well Monsterites Perth Monster Fest has come and gone and oh what a blast it was!

For all of you Perth Monsterfreaks who turned up to pay homage to some of the coolest and nastiest little genre flicks on the planet, we tip or little Monster caps and say a heart felt “THANK YOU”!

Particular thanks goes to Alex Dermer, Vanessa Gudgeon, Lindsay Hallam, Travis Johnstone and to anyone else who stepped in to help out – we appreciate it enormously!

Also a huge thank you must go out to Ingrid van den Berghe, Tony Bective and all the team down there at Luna Leederville – I hope you Perthians appreciate just how awesome a facility that Luna Leederville is? Take it from us, we’re dealing with cinemas right across this wide brown land and these guys are fucking incredible – they have supported this concept from the very start and I am sure that as long as y’all keep turning up, they’ll continue to do so.

Anyway folks here’s a few snaps taken of some of the dudes who turned at for the fest – if you have a name and you want to contact us so we can caption yoru pic, then please do and we’ll get on to it.

Thanks Perth, Monster Pictures loves you 🙂


  1. Alex Dermer says:

    Hey Guys!

    Great article, and I very much look forward to the gleefully gory screenings of the next Monster Fest. Thanks a heap for bringing this horrific gem to Perth and for the generous prizes you sent us, now my only conflict is which one I shall watch first. I was also wondering if you could please caption Vanessa Gudgeon and Alex Dermer in the first picture ?


  2. Steve says:

    I am a huge fan of horror films etc. I live in Perth so why am I just discovering this now?

    1. St Mary says:

      You might like this.

  3. Steve says:

    I live in Perth and I am a huge fan of horror etc, so why am I just discovering this now?

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