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Macabre Party Streamers

Children of the Corn Chips

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Hello readers! My name is Anthony O’Connor and I am a writer.

Recently I had the joy/honour/terror of watching a screenplay I wrote get made into a movie. That movie was Redd Inc. (aka: Inhuman Resources for you Yanks and Canadians). I kept a semi-regular diary on the set of Redd Inc. Between setups I’d scribble stuff down. Most of it was illegible, sub-par, rambling and incoherent. Occasionally it was drawings of zombies with boners.

Over the next little while I’ll be bringing you the highlights of this hastily-scrawled journal, with pictures and video for the hard of thinking. […]

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Fatal Visions goes Digital

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Yo Freakers! And welcome to the electronic version of Fatal Visions coming to you live from the bowels of the House of Monster. More specifically, the second sub-basement of the Monster Mansion, that’s the level with the floorboards that in some places appear to be loose and surrounded by fresh soil samples. It seems that after a particularly wild meeting for the Fantastic Asian Film Festival a couple of years ago I woke up to discover I’d been locked in and now they’re only letting me out to visit film sets and film festivals of which you’ll hear about here […]

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Lust of the Dead 2 & 3 Tokyo Premiere

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The cast of Lust of the Dead 2.

The cast of Lust of the Dead 2 & 3

As my first official blog entry (not counting the introductory one), I’d like to start things off with a film I was involved with somewhat reluctantly. So, why bring it up as the first entry? Because it’s fresh on my mind and the films I’m working on now are still in active production and I don’t feel like going through the odious process of clearing photos with actor/actress management just yet.

First a little backstory…

In the summer of 2011, I was contacted by Naoyuki Tomomatsu and asked to shoot […]

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A Headful Of Bad Noise

A Headful of Bad Noise – Getting To Know You..

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So here we are, me and you. Staring awkwardly at each other..I guess one of us should say something..

For starters this is my first blog, and to be completely honest with you, I was always under the assumption that these things were written by incredibly morose, pseudo alternative teenage girls, holed up in a basement somewhere adorned with Insane Clown Posse posters where they bitched and moaned about how nobody understands their feelings, incessantly posting cute cat pictures for your viewing pleasure when the meds had kicked in. So when the good folks at Monster Pictures Australia asked […]

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Savaged For The First Time

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The Aussie trailer for Sensitive New Age Killer

Is a horror lover born or made? What draws some of us to monsters and others to episodes of ‘Neighbours’? When did we take that detour? What is it about horror that keeps us sane? That makes it essential to our existence?

These and other questions impossible to fully answer will be explored regularly on this blog. My perspective was bred in Melbourne, but my current reality is the product of six years lived fully in Los Angeles, a city that’s less a place and more a state of mind. A damaged […]

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