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About the author: Anthony

A lifetime devotee of all things horrific and humorous in popular culture, Anthony O’Connor’s first produced feature film screenplay was Angst (2000). A (kinda) romantic, black comedy about a sexually frustrated horror writer, the film was critically well received and enjoyed by a loyal, albeit tiny, cult following. Since then, Anthony has taken gigs doing dialogue punch-up and script doctoring in TV and film, including work for Alex Proyas (The Crow) and Michael Rymer (Battlestar Galactica). His recent “office giallo” Redd Inc. (released by FANGORIA in the USA as Inhuman Resources) is currently being enjoyed by gore hounds the world over. Anthony spends way too much time alone, on the couch, eating hommus in his underpants. By reading this blog you are enabling his terrible life choices.

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