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Savaged For The First Time

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The Aussie trailer for Sensitive New Age Killer

Is a horror lover born or made? What draws some of us to monsters and others to episodes of ‘Neighbours’? When did we take that detour? What is it about horror that keeps us sane? That makes it essential to our existence?

These and other questions impossible to fully answer will be explored regularly on this blog. My perspective was bred in Melbourne, but my current reality is the product of six years lived fully in Los Angeles, a city that’s less a place and more a state of mind. A damaged mind.

The six year old me who sat in front of a black and white telly in the late 60’s watching films like MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR, THE SLIME PEOPLE, and Larry Buchanan’s IT’S ALIVE became aware of Los Angeles via the movies and TV. It was the center of it all, I thought. Where all the good stuff got made. The streets were red and ruddy with the blood of stomped-on humans. Monsters owned the city and ruled the streets from Burbank to Hollywood.

Or so I thought, young, naive idiot that I was.

Books like Denis Gifford’s ‘Horror Movies’ and Alan Franks ‘Monsters and Vampires’ were my door to a parallel world, a world not defined by pencils, papers, parents, buses, swimming lessons, Amblyopia (lazy eye), nuns that hit you, and church services on Sunday. They planted a seed in me, a desire to get out, get crazy, embrace something other than the “approved” life society marketed to us all.

I’ve made what I’d loosely call a living chasing, embracing, and creating monsters for more than twenty-five years. It’s been a weird life. A strange odyssey. An odyssey that begins anew every time I follow the scent of a fresh idea vomited from my brain. Now based in LA, a city where access is king and excess clouds intention, life is a daily dose of surrealism slammed against my Melbourne-bred grip on reality. That makes for an odd mental cocktail. And not a little internal conflict.

This blog won’t be my version of ‘Entertainment Tonight’. Sorry about that. It will be about my obsessions with filmmaking, monsters, dolls, sexual surrealism, freaks, masturbating gunmen, career rapists, horrific crimes, serial killers, cannibalism, pigs, goats, and wicked women filtered through a lens skewed by living and immersing oneself in the entertainment world’s glittering sewer. monster_from_ocean_floor_poster_03

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