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About the author: mark

Born and bred in Melbourne, Mark Savage is a (mostly) LA-based director, writer, producer and cinematographer who has suffered from terminal cinephilia since he was old enough to be a horror-obsessed altar boy. His obsession with all things horrific, erotic, fantastique, grim, grisly, and lurid has enabled him to create a lifestyle where the line between work and play is seriously blurred. Injecting his energies into feature films, unmentionable literary projects, reckless trips to abandoned houses and deserted islands, reality TV, documentaries, and an unsavory blog, Savage’s love of creative indecency is counterbalanced, hopefully, by his striving to treat his collaborators decently in a business not exactly famous for it. Mark's own crimes against culture include Sensitive New Age Killer, The Masturbating Gunman, Marauders, Pond Scum, and Marauders.

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