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Holy Spiderballs Batman, the Websites UP!!!!

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May we all be splayed and rectum probed by angry Englishmen as sure as William Wallace was a Scott. Its true!! The freakin Trasharama web page is FINALLY been updated and ready for movie submissions. YEP, the entry forms are ready to download. You can start posting your short disasterpieces into the nastiest short fillum program in Oz!
We have a new PO Box to send em too as well. That’ll be Po Box 19, Torrensville Plaza, SA. 5031. I’m looking forward to viewing the SICK AND TWISTED delights we get this year. Movies, money, junk food gift vouchers, naked pictures of yer Mum.. Remember also, the entries we received in the last ill fated call out will also be in the running for possible screenings. We haven’t forgotten Fiends.
If you don’t know by now, the Trasharama Program will be part of Monsterfest 2013. Date and info to be confirmed. Stay tuned as the MONSTERFEST site will be up sooon. I DO know it will be in HELLBOURNE though. There’s sure to be more surprises than a drunken night in Thailand once again!! I’ve been using that line for so long now, you’d think I’d have learn’t my lesson. But I LIKE surprises!!! We plan to hold more screenings across the land and will update that as it COMES TO FRUITION. As opposed to cumming in fruit.
The Website is http://www.trasharama.com/                 sindee
On there you’ll find entry forms and conditions of entry. There is NO fee this year tightwads so theres NO excuse not to get cracking!!
You’ll also find the ‘Frequently asked Questions’ section.
On that page, we tackle the big issues like, “Can I have Susan Boyle on my soundtrack’ and we explain how we enjoy your homemade midget gender bender fillums. We try to give you a little bit of an insight and a lot of encouragement of what you can send in.
Over the next cuppla months: The web page will be updated even more.  Well have links to more prize and support sponsors, there’ll be information on awards and prizes that will be available for film makers and audience members. The ONE award we are very excited bout will be the ‘Laurence Harvey/Martin Lomax’ award. That’ll be going to ‘The most disgusting and nasty film of the entire program. He He, we aim to Please. And just for those Freaknicks out there who have been living under a rock. Laurence is the talented actor who played the lovable Martin Lomax in the Human Centipede 2. Incidently available Human Centipede at Monster Pictures. Do yourself a favour.

There’ll be all the info on WHAT the prizes are too. Theres going to be some great stuff. Already we’ve stuff from Monster Pictures, Zombie Glamour, Transmog FX, Midnight Marquee press, Ink Pit Tattoos and Hooligan Street wear. Well also be updating the screenings and venues information, the special guests performers at certain shows and everyfckinthing!!!       trash-header-logo2

Ok Fiends, just so you know, we don’t care if your film is 20 minutes old or 20 years old. Send it in if you think it fits the bill. As a bit of incentive and also just because I can. Here’s a couple of entries from previous years that I found on you tube. It’ll give you an example of the highs and lows in quality we screen. There’s Frank Daft’s video nasty, ‘Backyard of Lost Cans‘, Trash regular Stuart Simpson’s early piece, ‘Sickie‘.Think you can do better? THATS THE IDEA!! I’ll put more up as the months progress.

Enjoy Freaks.

Frank Daft’s ‘Backyard of Lost Cans’.

Stuart Simpson’s ‘Sickie’.

Start making and/or sending those bloody movies in!!  OR I might consider watching ‘The Voice’,

Never ..

Stay Sick.


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  1. dick says:

    I’d just like to credit our old mates, Digital Retribution where I swiped the two old Trash movies you tube site from. Ta!

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