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 Hi all you crazy ‘Monster Fiends’! My name is Sim and if you have made it this far down the rabbit hole, you must be about as stoked as I am to have a horror platform such as Monster to fuel your gory palate. Therefore, if I can be half as entertaining and informative as folks on here, I will have served my purpose well.

As a kid, I was never permitted to watch a lot of Television. That’s why I had to fake sleep. That way, I could get up later and switch the telly on when everyone went to bed. The shows on late were all horrors, old movies or even foreign, none of this infomercial crap.  It did not matter how many times I was caught I kept doing it. My parents probably should have just let me watch silly cartoons that rot your brain and I would have left it alone.

So now, I write scary stories, show up on the occasional film shoot (if I am lucky!) write for fanzines and hang around punks and various other unsavoury types. Cheers mum and dad!  If there is one thing I will never get sick of its talking about movies and horror stories so am going to milk this for all its worth.

Out the front of my pile of shit house.

Out the front of my pile of shit house at American Mary’s premier at Monsterfest 2012. (Me, Dick Dale, Liana Bella aka ‘Bella Deville’)

Something I really need to get off my chest and I hope you can bear with me; it’s about something I really love and that’s Indy movies.  I don’t care what anyone says the eighties were fucking rad! With all the Indy films being so much readily available its spawned so much more judgements from people. Such as, this genre is so old, there’s nothing new here and it’s not THAT original, and so on.

Doing a writing course, I have learned that there really are only a few story scenarios. They are not unlike skeletons that we as writers pretty much just get to re-dress any way we like. As much as I am stoked, that the horror craze of the 80’s is making a comeback. I think Hollywood has some poor form. I think it’s totally rad that the films I watched repeatedly as a kid may find their way into future generations hearts. I am getting rather tired of cleaning up the projectile vomit every time I see a childhood fave get the ‘re-booted’ makeover. There is good cause for some (reinvented, opened new chapters and/or it has not been ‘done to death’).

Hearing or reading people write that a fresh story leaping from an old familiar can is in any way pathetic or tired really does not ring true for me either, I’m afraid when it comes to  exploitation, grindhouse and the 80’s explosion of awesome B grade and late night TV shows, I am a true believer. And I am very happy to see that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but that’s just me and you can simply take it or leave it be. If the horse has been flogged a million times I just do not see why anyone would want to bother. Especially with an industry so loaded with creative talent.

When I think of how much money the big wigs must fork out on remaking instead of just ‘the making’. It makes me realize the money hounds sensory perceptions are clearly rooted.  They must be far too busy sniffing the fresh ink on their crisp dollar bills to smell the real gore and guts most possibly. Okay, end rant.

Now I want to talk about the good news, and if you know where you are; you know that I am not talking about the one that bangs your door down on an early Sunday morning. So, if you are still reading my intro dribble, I am betting you were that naughty kids like me too, and that Monster Pictures is probably what you have been waiting for half your life. With this blog, I hope to share more than just thoughts like those that I have with this introduction. I have a few people and things I am really itching to introduce to you. So thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon 🙂

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