MH & Sean Li The Scrying

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MH & Sean Li the star of THE SCRYING 3D hanging out by the kitchen...

About the author: michael

Michael Helms has enjoyed scopophilia since birth and believes sex, violence and the monstrous belong in the same frame. For several decades he’s haunted dozens of Australian & Kiwi film sets, writing about them in publications ranging from People Magazine, Sci-Fi Teen, Cinefantastique & Gore Zone to Shivers, the superlative French language L’Ecran Fantastique, and Fangoria, where he’s been a contributor for the past 21 years. The most notorious publication he’s written for is the one he created in 1988 which lends its name to this blog. At the inaugural Monster Fest of 2012 in conjunction with the LedaTape Organisation he launched the book Fatal Visions: The Wonder Years 1988-1989 which is the first of several new uses for dead tree technology by Fatal Visions. Occasionally he’s been known to appear in front of the cameras and includes BRAINDEAD & BLOODLUST amidst his extensive list of screen credits.

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