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Astron-6 need your help!

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Now we know you all love Astron-6, they have brought us the classics that are FATHER’S DAY and MANBORG. They need your help with their next project THE EDITOR, a feature film giallo/comedy.

The folks have put together an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the film, with 11 days left and less than half the target to go, you could be the one to help them get over the line!

Want to know more? Well check out the pitch video below!

Convinced? You better be! The perks are there, starting from $20 donations and on-wards. If you want to give $1 they might be ashamed but hey every dollar counts right?

Here’s the short summary – Once revered as the greatest editor of all time, an editing accident reduced him to a ridiculed amputee. When his co-workers are murdered one after another, the editor is the prime suspect! Has he lost control of his psycho-sexual subconscious like a modern day Dr. Jekyll or Wolfman? Not even he knows for sure!

Help us make the movies we’ve all been dying to see! Hollywood ain’t gonna do it. Manborg was shot on standard-def video for almost nothing. Father’s Day was shot on DSLR for ten thousand dollars. We want to take a swing at the big league on this absurdist giallo film and we need your help.

Alright so you are ready donate and help? YEAH?! Alright just click the link and give them your help –

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