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UNFORGIVEN Japanese remake. Check out the trailer here!

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Greetings Monstersfiends, now I know what you must be thinking ‘enough with the remakes already’. There are remakes a plenty out there but there is one that just might be worth getting damn excited about!

Clint Eastwood’s classic western UNFORGIVEN has now been given the remake treatment, but with a huge difference. This new version stars Ken Watanabe as a retired samuari, who gets pulled back into action. Ah yes the original film didn’t exactly have any samurai did it?


Lee Sang-il has directed the film, and a full length trailer for it has now been released. We have it for you to feast your eyes on below, you can’t tell us this doesn’t look worth a bloody look! The trailer isn’t in English but you can just bask in its visuals.

An Australian release has not been set yet, however it will release in Japan this coming September.

Synopsis: The story is set in Hokkaido around 1880, the start of the Meiji period following the collapse of the Edo shogunate, at a time when the Japanese government is attempting to open the land (then named Ezo) populated by the indigenous Ainu people.

In the shogunate’s waning days, Jubei Kamata (Watanabe), a former swordsman of the shogunate, slaughters countless rebels under orders, earning a fearsome reputation in Kyoto. Following the government’s collapse, he takes part in a succession of bloody battles culminating in the decisive battle at Goryokaku, then vanishes without a trace, eluding the determined efforts of the new government to capture him.

More than a decade later, Jubei lives on in desolate isolation as a frugal rancher with an Ainu woman as his wife and their children. His wife — who alone transformed a man whose only reason for existence was to kill — dies, leaving him to guard over her grave with their children in sparse austerity.

However, the man who vowed never to take sword again finds himself driven by poverty to once again join battle as a bounty hunter. Together with a former comrade, he faces those convinced in their own justice. Another cycle of violence starts anew in another new era.

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