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HELLBOY blasts into Melbourne, here’s your chance to meet HELLBOY himself, Ron Perlman!

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After seeing huge success last year, Oz Comic Con is hitting Melbourne once again and they have something big in store for us all. Ron Perlman is going to be a guest, yes folks THAT Ron Perlman from the likes of HELLBOY, SONS OF ANARCHY, BLADE 2, ALIEN: RESURRECTION, CRONIS and the upcoming PACIFIC RIM (re-teaming with Guillermo del Toro).

So if you want to have the chance to meet this legend, Oz Comic Con have opportunities for autographs and professional photos with the actor. Take them up on this opportunity and brag to your friends you rubbed shoulders with HELLBOY!


But Ron isn’t the only genre name appearing at this Convention, they have served up some rather badass names to go along with the event.

Are you a fan of WOLF CREEK or ROGUE? Well genre director Greg McLean is attending, you can surely ask him about those two films – be sure to talk about that sick bastard Mick Taylor with him! He’ll also be chatting about his comic ventures, with opportunities for autographs.

RE-ANIMATOR fans are in for a huge treat as Herbert West himself Jeffrey Combs will be at the event! Get out your syringes and RE-ANIMATOR VHS tapes, he’s going to be signing autographs and posing for photos. The man who has been a star in many of Stuart Gordons films will no doubt have many stories to tell.


For our fans of modern horror Cary Elwes is another guest, he’s perhaps best known as playing Doctor Gordon in SAW for genre fans. The man of course gained fame with his turn in the 80’s classic THE PRINCESS BRIDE and 90’s comedy spoof ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS.

We can’t forget to add that William Shatner, Captain Kirk is a guest at the event, but I am sure we all remember him for his turn in video nasty VISITING HOURS starring Michael Ironside.

All these guests plus more will be at the Oz Comic Con event on July 6th and 7th, some fees maybe apply for autographs and photos. To get all the info please check their website –

Bonus points to those attend who do a horror themed cosplay!

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