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Night Shift at MIFF, a peek under the sheets (Pt.1)

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The ‘Night Shift’ program at MIFF is an absolute MUST for any self-respecting genre nut, last year titles like VHS, [REC] 3: GENESIS and MANIAC sent us into a late night tizz and and this year the grissly morsels are every bit as tasty..

Let’s take a look at the nastiness within…



In 17th-century England, a group of deserters flees a raging battle through the English countryside. They are soon caught by a man who insists they help him uncover a treasure buried in the middle of a field. As they feast on wild mushrooms, the group descends into paranoia and arguments, and they discover that the treasure may be more than mere gold.

Ben Wheatley is one of the most exciting directors on the planet, whose recent gems include the likes of DOWN TERRACE, KILL LIST and SIGHTSEERS, he also directed one particularly cool and nasty episode of the Monster release THE ABCS OF DEATH.

A FIELD IN ENGLAND is yet another example of his incredible, often devastating, range.

Sat 27 Jul 11:30 PM Greater Union Cinema 3
Wed 31 Jul 9:30 PM Forum Theatre



Dwight is a vagrant living in the empty beach houses of the wealthy when he gets word that a man from his past is being released from prison. Instantly, Dwight springs into action, and puts himself on a path of bloody revenge. But for an average Joe with no resources, revenge is going to prove very difficult.

Jeremy Saulnier partly funded BLUE RUIN using Kickstarter – he then submitted the finished product to Cannes and fuck me drunk, he got in! Let that be a lesson to you kiddies, aim high, the syy is the limit. BLUE RUIN had a lot of tongues waggin’ in Cannes and from what we gather the buzz is justified – it’s a riff on the revenge genre with a slight art-house edge, from what we hear it’s nasty and uber cool – definitely one to watch!

Fri 9 Aug 6:30 PM ACMI 2
Sun 11 Aug 4:00 PM Greater Union Cinema 5



Craig is already suffering financial woes when he’s laid off. Depressed, he stops in at a cheap bar, where he runs into his high-school friend Vince. Falling into the company of the ultra-rich Colin and his trophy wife, the pair accept a series of increasingly insane dares for money they desperately need. But as the money increases, so do the trials … with gruesome results!

CHEAP THRILLS  Premiered at this years SXSW where it took out the Audience Award and created phenomenal buzz. We asked a couple of young MIFF-ians recently to describe it and they came up with this tantalizing quip, “Imagine Michael Hanake doing a genre flick, that’s CHEAP THRILLS” Oh man, yes please says we! It sounds perfect – apparently it’s very nasty and very well made and the performances are to die for. It certainly boats a wicked cast with the likes of Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, Sara Paxton and David Koechner partaking in the gloriously twisted shenanigans.

Sat 3 Aug 11:30 PM Greater Union Cinema 5
Fri 9 Aug 9:00 PM Greater Union Cinema 3



Harris Glenn Milstead grew up in conservative Baltimore a bullied tubby kid. But as Divine he became a queer icon, a midnight movie heroine, an unlikely pop star, and one of the filthiest people to ever live. Discovered by John Waters, Divine exploded on film and stage with supremely garish outfits and make-up: a radical entertainer working in the best of bad taste.

Fans of John Waters films are gonna go all goo goo over this flick, a warts and all documentary on the one and only Divine! The story of Divine is incredible and here it is for all to see and to behold. Come be amazed and pay your respects to one of the absolute gems of modern cinema!

Fri 26 Jul 11:30 PM Greater Union Cinema 5
Thu 8 Aug 9:00 PM Greater Union Cinema 3



Slacker Dave heads to a restaurant to tell his impossible story to a journalist. It’s a story that involves time-travelling, space-faring conspiracies, addictive soy sauce, dimensional portals, telekinesis, demons, murderous insects and a golden retriever named Bark Lee. And that’s just for starters.

Don Coscarelli, the man who gave us the PHANTASM series and BUBBA HO-TEP is back with a bang. This film is an adaptation of the novel, starring Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown and Doug Jones and has had scribes buzzing about its awesomeness since its premiere at Sundance in 2012. We haven’t seen it yet but a genre flick starring Giamatti has surely got to be worth a squiz. Get on to it Monsterfiends!

Fri 2 Aug 6:30 PM Hoyts Cinema 11
Fri 9 Aug 11:30 PM Greater Union Cinema 3

MIFF runs from July 25th to August 11th, you can get your tickets at the official site

Stay tuned for pt 2 coming later this week!

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