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Ben Affleck gets cast as Batman, internet has a meltdown

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The big Hollywood news of the day is that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in Zack Snyder’s next film, which will pit Superman against Batman.

Phantoms yo

Judging by the reaction of the internet you’d think it was announced that the end of days was coming, or that an alien invasion was imminent.

Now let us go back, Ben Affleck has turned into a much loved actor and filmmaker, people were so angry he was snubbed by the Oscars in the Best Director’s Category. But now it feels like it is 10 years ago, when Ben was dating J-Lo and his film work wasn’t the best. What happened?

Has a single casting choice made him the most hated man on the internet again? Insanity! Sure he is cast as Batman, but is this one announcement worthy of such hate across the board and insanity from people? Not really.

Let us look at some random screen shots from Twitter …

Twitter cap2 twitter-cap1

Poor Ben, he just got cast, he didn’t kill anyone. *insert sad face*

The hate flows through the internet, the insane reaction has been pretty funny. I guess people forget that out of the park casting can actually work, I am sure if the internet existed the way it does now back in the late 80’s Michael Keaton would have been equally as hated,

What’s done is done, internet calm down, it’s just casting news.

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