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Crowd Funding Campaign of the Week: SPIDORA!

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Hey Monster Fiends,

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best in indie horror; therefore, we’re going to be alerting you to worthy crowd funding campaigns that need your money.

Today we have, what could be, an interesting little gem. Spidora is a carnival/horror film being produced by Fred Olen Ray.  The synopsis reads as follows ‘SPIDORA is a dark journey inside the world of Dr. Graves’ Palace of Illusions; a Museum of Human Oddities where mysterious creatures like Electra, Spidora and Mora, the Lobster Girl, command the stage. It is a world trapped between light and shadow where anything can happen… and does’.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘a professional, that guy’. It’s a term given to actors whose faces are familiar but names are not. Fred Olen Ray is the director equivalent. With over 130 credits to his name I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of his films, no doubt on late night tv. He’s probably best known for Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Super Shark. He’s contributed to the horror genre several times over with countless creature features including one of Paul Naschy’s last werewolf film.

Need more convincing? Check out his campaign video.


Why should you give him money?


Fred Olen Ray has almost 40 years of directing experience and an impeccable track record for getting films finished. Regardless of what happens, this film will get finished. He also has a great love for circus freak shows and has even written a book, and directed a film on the subject.


It’s only a short film.


If you’re an aspiring filmmaker this perk might be worth your money.

For $35 you can “Ask Fred a Dumb Question” via e-mail. WOW! You can get honest and practical advice from a filmmaker with almost 40 years experience. For $100 you can get a 30 minute phone call with him. Honestly, you would be stupid not to do it.


Spidora – Kickstarter Page



Spidora – Facebook Page


If you know of any crowd funding campaigns that need to be spotlighted, hit us up over Facebook.

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