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Gareth Edward’s MONSTERS has a sequel, check out the first look

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This piece of news really came out of nowhere! There is a sequel to Gareth Edwards MONSTERS, it is titled MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT and it has a first look clip.


We do know that Mr. Edwards is very busy getting a new GODZILLA film made, so sadly he has not returned to direct the film but is he an executive producer. This time around Tom Green (not *that* one), who is known for his television work (with MISFITS) will be directing, with a script by Jay Basu.

The film is being touted as a continuation of MONSTERS and not really a sequel, so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. The films cast includes Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley and Joe Dempsie.


Empire got the scoop on the clip, and they had this quote from Tom Green to go with it.

As soon as I watched Monsters I completely identified with the idea of using real locations as a foundation on which to build a world of limitless scale. From my first visit to the location shown here, in Jordan, it was somewhere I felt was key to making Dark Continent work. The moonscape-like environment was the perfect basis for an ‘alien’ landscape. The quarry trucks you see here became ‘buggies’ to transport the remains of firebombed monster herds to be incinerated, with all the leading characters emerging from the dust to witness the scale of the death toll for the first time — and for one character maybe too many times…

Check out the clip below.

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