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Help fund DEAD SNOW 2 with IndieGoGo

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Yesterday we brought you the news that a new DEAD SNOW film was in fact in the works called DEAD SNOW: RED VS DEAD.

Well we got word through twitter that the film is being funded through IndieGoGo, so you can help get this film made!


They have 34 days to get to $100,000 and you can certainly help them reach that goal.

Want to know more, here’s the pitch from their IndieGoGo page.

Here’s the pitch:
So. We’ll deliver one (1) epic Nazi zombie splatter comedy to you all. And if you’d like to help us out in making it even epicer, zombier and splatterer – check out the list of perks to your immediate right. Imagine the possibilities: you could very well end up getting your girlfriend a birthday greeting from a bunch of Nazi zombies? If that doesn’t seal the deal, nothing will. Unless of course, you take her to Iceland, and you both get to be zombies in the movie? Or, hey – when’s the last time you took her to an official blood-red carpet movie premiere?

And the story is about to get even better. Everyone who saw the first movie, will know that Martin, the sole survivor of the group, made it back to civilization and, presumably, safety. Except…  Except he received this little token of his girlfriend Hannah’s love. Which is all Colonel Herzog, that stickler for Teutonic detail, needs in order to get all that gold he and his troops were collecting for his beloved Fürher.

Thus, the sequel picks up from the instant the first movie left off. And since we don’t have to bother setting up the story this time around, the mayhem may commence immediately. Everything you loved about the first movie, you’ll get more of this time around, in what we’ve called Dead Snow: Red vs Dead. A lot more. To quote AC/DC; if you want blood, we’ve got it. And gore. And laughs.

But in order to deliver on this unholy promise to make the ass-kickingest blood-wrenchingly-funniest, most disgusting and utterly inappropriate Nazi zombie movie of all time, we need your help. Yes – you, there.

Sound good? Perks start from just $5, and the good thing is they will get whatever money is pledged even if the goal isn’t reached, but it would be great if it did.

Go help out –

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