In Trash we Trust!! Gettin closer to D Day!!

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Hey Freakers, the weathers nice here in Murder City Adelaide so I thought I’d touch base with you all. Sun, birds singing, children laughing, everyone happy! Spring weather is shit when you’ve been trying to write a nasty, seedy movie of insanity and depravity, filthy, stench and blood. I must wait for the night to fall to retreat into my characters soiled brains and continue…
First of all, THANX FREAKNICKS!! Those of you who have sent in your sordid short disasterpieces. KEEP EM COMING!! We’ve got films from the UK and US too so good to see word spreading like Paris Hilton’s legs on ‘Funniest Home videos and other oddities’. Looking forward to seeing what the cat drags in between here and FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH DEADline. Heard some of my fave entrants from the past are threatening entries too. Yeah baby!!
I’m WRAPPED like Laura Palmer in plastic (I’m not as hot though) that I can announce that Trasharama will have an official HQ by the end of the year here in MURDER CITY. Ironically at a place called ‘Bible House’ in the Mall! Great Silver balls!! There we’ll be sharing with other local film makers. HALEFUCKINLUJAH!! There are some devious plans in the pipeline… TV or VD? No VB though. SINDEE

WELL NOW we’ve got the prizes updated on our website. (Get the entry forms from there too.)

Thanx to

Monster Pictures

Zombie Glamour

Hooligan Streetwear
Midnight Marquee Press
Fangoria Magazine
Offal Eaters House of the Damned Movie Memorbillia
Transmog FX.
And DONT forget the covetted GOLDEN LOMAX award for theb most sick and twisted movie of the Festival!! Named after everyones favorite loveable sicko, Martin Lomax from Human Centipede 2. More suprises in store…

AND REMEMBER, you can email your MOVIE preview copy as well as send snail mail. (please add the entry form though)
snail: PO Box 19 Torrensville. 5031

Anyway might see some of your in HELLBOURNE when I’m in round October 6th for Zombiecon with Dr Ghast and Transmog FX. Ill be filming some Trasharama things that week too with new Trash Hostess with the Ghostess,. Misery Malice. Fear she is: Misery!!

So till then.

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