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THE EXPENDABLES 3 loses a Bruce but gains a Harrison

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Don’t lie, you know you all love you some EXPENDABLES films. So far there are two films out, and they have done some pretty good business, better than most action films do that get a theatrical release.

They have that 80’s ridiculous vibe that makes them so enjoyable and crazy. Well production is set to begin on the third entry either later this year or early next year. It has a release date set for August 2014 so they will have to get a move on.

The latest news coming out from that camp is that Bruce Willis is not returning, however all is not lost … HARRISON FORD has signed on!


Yes that’s right, Han Solo, Indiana Jones himself is on the team! Whether or not he’ll be a goodie or a badie hasn’t been revealed yet. Either way it is going to be fucking awesome with him on board. He has been a busy man as of late with films like ENDER’S GAME and PARANOIA on the way.

Other new cast so far includes Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Kellan Lutz, Milla Jovovich and a rumoured Mel Gibson as the villain. Seriously I am drooling at the thought of this film, with this cast! It better be the best thing ever or I might break down and cry.

Naturally we shall bring you updates as they come on the film.

Source: Collider

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