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The Mission is on as MI5 is a go and it scores a director

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That’s right folks, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 is indeed a go and it doesn’t get more official than it getting a director.

In what may come as no surprise to those who are fans of Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie has signed on. The pair collaborated on JACK REACHER, which while wasn’t a huge hit got some decent reviews.


The last MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE film GHOST PROTOCOL was a pretty big hit world wide, it was a fun action packed ride. So what can we expect from the next entry? More of the same? Who knows, maybe it’ll have the feel of JACK REACHER?

Whatever the case the series is fun, even the dreadful second is good for some laughs. Here’s hoping they get back some of the same case, they had great chemistry together. Congrats to McQuarrie for scoring the gig, you know he is an Oscar winner?

Source: The Wrap

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