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This trailer to APOCALYPTIC will give you shivers!

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Truth be told, the trailer to APOCALYPTIC gave me the shivers, brrrrr shivers. Gotta love when a trailer can get a reaction like that and this one is sure to get some kind of reaction from you when you watch it.


So what is APOCALYPTIC? A new horror film that centers around a doomsday cult, because really is there anything more terrifying than a cult? Brrrrr, crazy.

Anyway, details on the film are scarce right now, which I do think works in its favour because the less I know the more excited I am for it. You can get some info over at the official Facebook Page, so check it out and give them a like –

Synopsis: A local news crew becomes horribly involved with a doomsday cult.

The film was written and directed by Glenn Triggs, and currently there are no details on any screenings or a release but we shall certainly keep you fiends posted on that.

Check out the trailer, and I dare you to not get those shivers, brrrrrrr shivers.

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