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Two more big names officially become EXPENADABLES

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So last week we told you about Harrison Ford being cast in THE EXPENDABLES 3, and Bruce Willis apparently being out. Well now we have two more awesome casting announcements to tell you about.

First up, Mel Gibson has officially signed on, this is no longer just a rumour, it is now a fact Jack. It was being hinted at that Gibson would be playing a villain role, but nothing has been revealed as far as character goes.


The second piece of casting news is that one Antonio Banderas has been cast! If you recall, Stallone and Banderas worked together in Richard Donner’s ASSASSINS back in the mid-90’s and they were both pretty awesome in that.

Again no work on what role Banderas will play, they have played against each other so maybe now they’ll be part of the same team? Well that is just speculation but fuck its fun to do so.


THE EXPENDABLES 3 is due for a release in August of next year and it is expected to shoot later this year or early next week. This time around the director will be Patrick Hughes, whose previous work was RED HILL.

Source: Variety

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